What’s the best and the most romantic way to propose the love of your life? For some time now you’re thinking about it and encouraging yourself to take one of the most important steps in your life. They say that you should be very wise two times in whole life. First is when you choose the right profession, and the second one is choosing the right lifetime partner. If at that point you don’t make the right choice, later you will have to bear the consequences of bad decisions.

However, your decision on choosing a life partner is now rated (because you’re reading this text 😊) and we’re pretty sure that you know that you have chosen the best for yourself. The next question you’re probably keep asking yourself and from whom you are panicking.:

How to propose your loved one?

Of course, a bunch of related questions go along with it – Which way of proposal to choose? Which is a perfect moment? How long you have to wait for it? What is the right location for that lifetime moment? How to organize all perfectly? Do you want that moment to be captured by a professional photographer?


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You want that event to be something which you will always remember with a smile on your and your loved one’s face. You want for that moment something striking and totally original. Choosing the right proposal way requires of you completely knowing the person with whom you are in relationship. What she likes and what she doesn’t like, her biggest wishes etc. How romantic is she? Do you might need to organize a trip where you’re going to do it, or she is a type of woman who likes to be surprised spontaneously.

There are currently plenty of things which gives you a headache about your proposal, and we are going to try to help you in this blog post. Something which is important for you to do, (whatever way of proposal you choose at the end) is to customize it with details of your love relationship.
Below, you can find out some of the most memorable marriage proposal ideas.

1. Guide her through important moments of your relationship

Organize a day in which you will guide her through the best moments of your love. Leave her on the pillow a letter in which you will note her to go to first location, for example a place where you met each other for the first time. There she will find another note, where you explain her where second location is (a place where you kissed her for the first time) and so on.  You should wait her on the last place on your knee and with a ring in hand ready for her.

2. A movie like proposal (in New York, Paris or some other city of her dreams)

Plan and book tickets for her dream destination, a day trip to New York City. You should have a list of everything she ever wanted to do in NY (everything from the wax museum to ice skating at Central Park). Then take her on a carriage ride in Central Park and propose her. She will be thrilled.

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3. A proposal during the activity your significant one simply adore

Your girlfriend is a fan of skiing. Organize her proposal during a ski lift ride. All you have to do is to put big noticeable messages for her along the ski-run. After she notice that during ski lift ride, you know what you should do next…

4. Arrange photo session during which you will surprise her with big sign- Will you marry me?

Plan with photographer to take some photos of you two at different locations. Let your significant one thinks that you’re going to take her to the usual photo session. To make a good surprise you should (in one of the locations) leave a big caption-Will you marry me? on a noticeable place, a wall, for example. The best of all is that you’re going to have a photo memory of that big surprise.

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5. Follow a trace proposal

It is necessary to tie a red satin ribbon on the door handle and to pass it to the farthest room in the house. Tie cards (filled with a love memories, or beautiful thoughts regarding your love) on the ribbon, that she would follow to read all the cards. At the end of the ribbon you should wait for her with a ring in your hand.

6. Carriage or limo ride

If your loved one is a big fan of romantic movies and books, suit her a fairytale proposal. If there is a possibility in your city, rent a carriage or a limo, and during the ride pop up an important question. We don’t believe that you will be refused when she experiences such a surprise …

7. Balloon proposal

Fill the whole room with balloons, and put the ring in one of them. If you can’t do it by yourself, there are a lot of specialized decoration shops where they are going to help you with that. You should say her that she must drill all balloons to find the most valuable one. Ring can stay in a ring box or you can put a silk tie on him, so you will not get lost him while drilling balloons.

8. Proposal with a candles light under the moon

Proposal with candles as an indispensable part of romance. Many men decide for this kind of romance. Especially when you imagine that scene on the roof of a building at night, illuminated by candles, followed by the sound of the violinist, it already awakens emotions in you.

9. Let your pet help you

Not for nothing they say that a dog is man’s best friend. And a best friend is there for you to help you in trouble, or to be partner in crime in organizing a romantic surprise. If your girlfriend loves your furry friend, use that as an advantage. Hang a dog by the collar box with a ring and invite it to come while you are in her company.

10. Proposal ring thread

Tie a string to a finger of your loved one, while she is sleeping. After that you should gently pull string through your home, and place it outside the house. You should position yourself on a certain elevation, floor, or any place that is higher than the place she will be standing when she goes outside the house curiously following the string. You should start slowly pulling the string, in order to wake her up and to go after string.

When you see that she went outside the house, slide ring all the way from your end of the string to hers. Quite interesting and original proposal, isn’t it?


If you want to have memories of that big surprise, you can contact us, and we will be pleased to help you with that.

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