Getting married in NYC is as easy as 1­2­3.  No matter where you come from…the process is the same.  Getting married in NYC is easy for both locals and visitors from abroad.  All you need is your partner and a valid ID!  The NY 1 Minute Weddings team is happy to share with you how to get married in NYC with step­by­step instructions.   It is our promise, at NY 1 Minute Weddings, to make getting married in NYC easy and stress-free.

Congratulations on the first step. Finding a person to share your life journey with is a reason to celebrate.   Getting married in NYC is the best way to make it official!  Simple directions for how to get married in NYC can be found on this page.  If you have any questions about how to get married in NYC, just ask the friendly staff at NY1 Minute Weddings.  We are the NYC wedding experts!

Step 1:  How do I get a marriage license?

Getting a marriage license in NYC is simple.  Apply for the marriage license either in-person at the NYC City Hall or online on their website.  Remember that even if you apply online, the two of you must go together in­person to pick up the marriage license at the NYC City Hall.

To apply in­person, you and your partner will go together to 141 Worth Street, where the NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau is located.  The helpful staff at the NYC City Hall (also called the Office of the City Clerk) will assist you and your partner in applying for your marriage license.  To apply for the marriage license, bring your partner, your valid IDs, and payment in the form credit card or money order for $35.  If you have been previously married, you need proof of your divorce.  The NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau is open M­F 8:30­3:45.  It is on a first come, first­served basis.  No appointment is needed.

To apply online, go to  You will receive a confirmation number when you apply online for the marriage license.  After you finish your online marriage license application, you and your partner must go in-person with valid IDs to pick up your marriage license together.  The two of you must bring your confirmation number from the marriage license online application, your valid IDs, and payment of $35 in the form of credit card or money order. Pick up your marriage license at 141 Worth Street (NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau).  Please remember that cash or check is NOT accepted at NYC City Hall for the marriage license or for the marriage ceremony fee.   You still have to pick up your marriage license in-person together with your partner even if you applied on­line for the marriage license. It will not be mailed to you.

If you have been married before, you will be asked to provide proof of divorce.  All divorce proceedings must be finalized before you can remarry.  Be prepared to provide proof of divorce.  If your prior spouse is deceased, please be prepared to provide his or her name and date of death.  Your marriage license is a legal affidavit in that you both make a sworn statement that there is no legal issue that prevents you from marrying each other.

The fee for the marriage license is $35 and is payable only by credit card or money order. Cash and personal checks are not accepted at NYC City Hall.  Payment is made in­person when you pick up the marriage license (with your partner!) at the NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau.  Check your marriage license for any errors before you leave.

NY law requires that you wait 24 hours to get married after you receive your marriage license.  If you absolutely need to get married on the same day that you receive the marriage license, you must get a judicial waiver.  The NYC City Hall Clerk’s office can help you apply for the judicial waiver when you obtain the marriage license if you need the same day marriage ceremony.

After receiving your marriage license and waiting 24 hours, you can get married to your beloved at the NYC City Hall or anywhere in New York State with a registered New York State wedding officiant.  Your marriage license is valid for 60 days.  After that period, it is no longer valid and you must re­apply for a new marriage license.


You do not need to have a wedding witness to apply for a marriage license in NYC.  However, you do need a wedding witness for your marriage ceremony even if you get married at NYC City Hall.  NY 1 Minute Weddings is happy to provide a complimentary wedding witness with any of our services.  Our most experienced NYC wedding photographer, Goran Veljic has been the witness for over 7,000 weddings.

The NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau is open M­F 8:30­3:45 p.m.  It is located at 141 Worth Street in downtown Manhattan.  The office is not open on weekends or on holidays.  It is conveniently accessed by multiple subway lines including the 4,5,6 green lines and the N, Q, R line, or by bus or taxi.  No appointments are given.  License and ceremonies are on a walk­in, first­come, first­served basis.

Take Home Message:

Apply for your marriage license either online or in­person.   Either way, you must pick up your marriage license with your partner, in­person, at 141 Worth Street at the NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau.  Bring your valid IDs, your payment of $35 (credit card or money order), and your confirmation number if you applied online. Remember, both of you must be present to pick up the marriage license at NYC City Hall and it cannot be mailed to you.

Step 2: Where can I have my wedding ceremony in NYC?

You can get married at the NYC City Hall or any location of your choosing in New York City or New York State.

Getting married at the NYC City Hall is romantic, fun, and easy.  Just walk­in! No appointment is needed for an NYC City Hall wedding.  Arrive during normal business hours (8:30 a.m.­3:45 p.m.) at the NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau at 141 Worth Street.  This is the same place where you got your marriage license.

If you prefer to have your marriage ceremony outside of the NYC City Hall, NY 1 Minute wedding officiants are available 24­7 to do your ceremony at the location and time of your choice with our all­inclusive NYC elopement packages.

To get married at NYC City Hall, you must bring your valid IDs, marriage license, and the ceremony fee of $25. The ceremony fee ($25) is different from the marriage license fee ($35) and is payable by credit card or money order only.   If you have wedding rings for the ceremony, that’s great but not mandatory!   The NYC City Hall marriage ceremony is a simple civil ceremony performed by an experienced NYC City Hall wedding officiant in a private wedding chapel located on­site at NYC City Hall.  You are welcome to bring a few guests to share in your special moment!  If you don’t have a wedding witness, New York City Hall wedding photographer, Goran Veljic is happy to provide complimentary wedding witness service with any of our services.  You must have a wedding witness for your ceremony to take place and that person needs a valid ID.  You will receive your marriage certificate directly after the ceremony.

To have your marriage ceremony at NYC City Hall, the friendly staff at the NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau will register you and your partner for your wedding ceremony and provide of number to be called.  The wait is usually not long and comfortable seating is provided as you wait for your ceremony to happen.  NY 1 Minute wedding is happy to provide a concierge service that will guide you every step of the way when you get married at the NYC City Hall with any of our all­inclusive NYC City Hall photography packages.  We have a variety of NYC wedding photography services appropriate for all budgets.  NYC City Hall wedding photography packages will include pictures during and after the ceremony.  For the best NYC City Hall wedding experience, book one our popular all­inclusive elopement packages that include concierge service and beautiful photographs in some of the best places to elope in New York City (Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and other classic New York City sights).

A few other important things to note:

There are renovated bathrooms available for preparing for your wedding ceremony.  There is a beautiful shop that sells wedding bouquets and other NYC City Hall wedding memorabilia.   There are also gorgeous wedding flowers available for sale outside of the steps of the NYC City Hall.   NY 1 Minute Weddings all­inclusive elopement packages include beautiful flowers for the bride and groom.

Finally, for the ultimate NYC experience, grab NYC’s best hotdogs right in front of the NYC City Hall!  What a photograph!

It is very easy to get married in New York City and have your marriage ceremony in a NYC location of your choosing with NY 1 Minute Weddings.   NY 1 Minute Weddings is happy to provide all ­inclusive elopement and wedding packages to make your marriage ceremony personalized and affordable.

The best reason to have a NY 1 Minute Wedding is flexibility of time and date.  You can select any date and time to get married and are not confined to the regular business hours of the NYC City Hall (M­F 8:30­3:45 p.m.).  You can select a weekend date or an evening date.  Choosing an evening time or a weekend or holiday is not possible if you get married at the NYC City Hall.

Another great reason is flexibility with location.  You can select your favorite place to get married in New York City.  Many of our happy couples have chosen beautiful and romantic places to have their ceremony including Central Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and many other classic New York City places to elope.  For a list of the best places to get married in NYC, see NY 1 Minute Weddings recommendations.

Additionally, you will have more flexibility with your wedding guests. You can invite any number of your friends and family to your wedding ceremony and be able to give them a specific time and place.  Your guests will appreciate this very much!

No need to look any further.  NY 1 Minute Weddings provides experienced registered wedding officiants that are culturally sensitive and are licensed in the state of New York.  You can also go to to search for local wedding officiants.

Expect the best in quality, romance, and professionalism. There are amazing opportunities to personalize your wedding when you select NY 1 Minute Weddings to perform your marriage ceremony. You can elect to have a marriage ceremony with a NY 1 Minute Wedding officiant in a ceremony very similar to NYC City Hall. Or you can also personalize your wedding ceremony with unique wedding vows and readings.  Our NYC wedding officiants are happy to plan a personalized marriage ceremony with many different options to make your marriage ceremony perfected suited to your desires.

Ceremony ideas include writing your own vows, a candle lighting ceremony, and adding music and readings to your marriage ceremony. From quick and easy to elaborate and exciting, NY 1 Minute Weddings is ready for anything (just ask us about our helicopter marriage ceremonies and weddings).  The ideas are endless when NY 1 Minute weddings plans your unique NYC marriage ceremony.

Overwhelmed with details?  Let us take care of everything!

NY 1 Minute weddings provides very affordable all­inclusive NYC elopement packages that make getting married very easy, time­efficient, and most importantly, romantic.

We take care of everything to create your dream wedding in New York City.  Tell us your dreams and leave the details to us.  Getting married in New York City has never been easier than with NY 1 Minute Weddings.  We look forward to sharing a New York City moment with you!

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