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Destination Weddings!  Choose New York!

Destination Weddings are a natural choice for some.  Choosing your location is the biggest decision to make!  New York makes is easy because this amazing U.S. state offers 4-season enjoyment in all corners of this great place.  New York City is an obvious choice for many people with it’s exciting wedding scene and affordable elopement options.  A lot of people choice to have a NYC destination wedding because guests are excited to come to a famous city with amazing sights.  There are affordable NYC small venue options for a great destination weddings.   We know some great hotels that provide excellent group rates.

Upstate New York is another 4-season option for a destination wedding.  Farmhouses abound and the landscape is dotted with charming inns and vineyards.  The Catskills are absolutely beautiful, especially in the Autumn when colors are at their peak. NY1Minute has some of the most affordable wedding planning in the industry and we work hard to find the best prices for you.

The Hamptons is the ultimate destination wedding location for people who love the beach.  With pure, white sand beaches, vineyards, and sunsets over the sound, a Hamptons Destination Wedding is straight out of a style magazine.  For beach lovers who prefer to stay closer to NYC, choose Long Beach or the Rockaways.  Our wedding planners will find exactly what you are looking for based on your number of guests and the type of vibe you imagine for your NY destination wedding.





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