George Clooney and Amal Almuddin Wedding in Italy


George says Italy is where they met and where they will get married! We all know about his love for Lake Como and this romantic country, but now we also know about his love for British lawyer Amal Almuddin.


Bride: British human rights lawer Amal Almuddin

Luxurious wedding breakfast and fireworks will be at Cipriani hotel in Venice, but the ceremony, performed by the former mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, will be held in Aman hotel, also in Venice.

Matt Damon, Bono, Cindy Crawford and Anna Wintour are some of the celebrities seen on the taxi boats, leaving Cipriani hotel after the wedding breakfast, in a very good mood. The couple will also host a dinner, tonight in Cipriani.

Weather this is the wedding of the year or not, it is definitely a big deal that famous Hollywood playboy George Clooney is settling down! Good luck, and let there be love!


Clooney with newsman dad Nick (fourth from left) and Amal’s dad Ramzi (to Clooney’s right.)


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