Getting married in NYC as a foreigner


Getting married in NYC as a foreigner!

The best thing about getting married in NYC as a foreigner is that it is easy and inexpensive!  Combine your wedding and honeymoon into one trip!   NYC is a great place to get married.  Take just a few really easy steps to get married in NYC if you are from another country.

We have written it out very clear in our guide to getting married in NYC.  NY1 Minute is also available for consultations and promptly answer questions that you have.  We happily share our knowledge of getting married in NYC with you.

As a foreign visitor, getting married at NY City Hall is one popular and affordable NYC wedding option.  It is a quick, official ceremony.  You receive an official marriage certificate and use an extended form that the city provides to make sure you marriage is valid in your home country.

But NY City Hall is just one NYC wedding idea!  Many people think that City Hall is the only option for foreign visitors.  But in fact, the beauty of getting married in NYC is that you can have a wedding anywhere!  You just need an official NY wedding officiant to marry you.

So, we encourage you to think outside of the box.   Think about a wedding in Central Park, Brooklyn, or on top of the Empire State Building.  There are so many beautiful places to have an affordable wedding in NYC as a foreign tourist.  We help you navigate everything and ensure that your wedding is just perfect.

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