How to Elope in NYC


How to Elope in NYC!  Get Married in NYC!

How to Elope in NYC in style.  Goran Veljic, founder of NY1 Minute provides step-by-step instructions for how to get married in NYC.

Stylish, fun, and affordable.  Book our all-inclusive elopement packages and don’t worry about a thing.  We take care of all your elopement details start to finish.  Just bring your ideas and our creative team puts your day together.  From photography to hair and make-up, we make your NYC elopement an affair to remember.

To elope in NYC, there are a few important steps that each couple must take.  Get a marriage license at the NYC marriage bureau at 141 Worth Street with your partner.   Once you have your marriage license, it’s  time for your NYC marriage ceremony.  For a more personalized and unique ceremony beyond what City Hall offers, use our all-inclusive elopement services.  Customize your ceremony with personalized vows and extra special ideas.  For a NYC City Hall wedding style but at a location like Central Park, book one of our NYC elopement packages.  Our NYC wedding officiants perform a ceremony in the location of your choice.  For that reason alone, it is worth considering an all-inclusive elopement package!

Therefore, eloping in NYC is the way modern couples get married and save money.   From rooftops to fancy restaurants, couples from around the world discover that NYC elopement is an easy and affordable way to have a stunning NYC wedding.  Above all, you will have the best pictures.  Ever.

How to Get Married in NYC on a budget?  Elope!

In conclusion, a New York City elopement does not mean giving up that beautiful wedding style.  Check out our other blog posts for how to stay within your wedding budget.  Believe us!  Get married in NYC on a budget and have a fabulous time.  Some of our favorite NYC weddings have been at great restaurants in New York City with amazing views.  Additionally, it is romantic and spontaneous.  Because it is fun and affordable, eloping to NYC is a fantastic idea.  Therefore, don’t think twice!  Book today. We look forward to your NYC elopement.  Thank you for choosing NY1 Minute Weddings!

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