NYC City Hall Wedding ideas


NYC City Hall Wedding Ideas

We love the question of “NYC City Hall Wedding Ideas”.  Because we have witnessed thousands of NYC City Hall weddings, we are filled with ideas of what people do when they elope at City Hall.

Some brides love to keep it simple.  They buy a dress on Amazon on a shoe-string budget and borrow a pair of shoes.  Simple and elegant, they grace the NYC City Hall with their lovely bridal glow.  Perhaps, they are carrying a bouquet of white roses.

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  • Hello, My fiancé and I are planning to elope and marry at the clerks office in New York on the 22nd May 2019 and we would like know if you are available and obtain a quote. We would like to have pictures at the Clerk’s office, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park and possibly Grand Central. There will be three of us with my 13 year old stepson. I will organise the licence side for the wedding but would ask that the photographer could act as a witness for us as well. We will be staying at the Hyatt House just across the river in New Jersey. Do you have any car hire services as well? Look forward to hearing back from you. Kind Regards Dave King and Lorna Derrig

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