Official marriage ceremony Vs. Elopement?


Official marriage ceremony Vs. Elopement? If you have started thinking about your wedding ceremony you probably heard about elopement, an age-old possibility.

You surely remember Beyonce’s younger sister Solange Knowels (an American singer, model and actress) and her groom, Alan Ferguson, who got married in New Orleans’ Marigny Opera House, cruising down the streets of New Orleans on their vintage white bikes!

You can always have an official marriage ceremony organized in such an elegant City Hall, and yes, that could be also a wedding you have dreamed about. But, if you don’t want to bother with a huge wedding organization and pretty large costs getting out of control, or a traditional wedding is just not your cup of tea, you should seriously consider eloping in New York for example!


By choosing an elopement and arranging  your wedding day just the way you have always imagined, you can still have a special, customized marriage ceremony, unique wedding vows, beautiful wedding dress, even the guests but at the same time fun, originality and romance!

Even if elopement is your „one / last minute“ decision, NY1 Minute team can offer you the full wedding service, first of all our famous wedding and elopement photographer Goran Veljic who can capture your „I do“ moment at any dream location you choose to tie the knot on.

Before you make your final decision you should know possibilities are endless, because any place in the world could be a great place for you to get married. By eloping you can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you like as long as you find a registered marriage officiant, wedding witness and a super, experienced elopement photographer to capture the greatest moments of your life. All of this, at one place you can have with us!

So, avoiding serious costs and turning your special day into a financial nightmare or you just want an intimate „just a two of you“ wedding, eloping could be the perfect choice because Your Love should be the highlight of The Day!

That is where NY1 Minute can be more than helpful, just make a decision and give us a call or book online now!

If you are thinking – official marriage ceremony Vs. Elopement? You should know we can successfully follow you where ever you ELOPE!

Official marriage ceremony Vs. Elopement

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