On-line Weddings in NYC


NY1 Minute is happy to offer on-line weddings in NYC or anywhere in New York for that matter. Weddings still need to happen during the time of Corona virus. NY 1 Minute will perform your ceremony via Zoom and it is totally legal and legit. You just need a valid marriage licenes.

NYC City Hall and the marriage bureau will offers online marriage license application through any easy process via Project Cupid“>Project Cupid!
NY 1 minute weddings is happy to guide your through the marriage license process. Just give us a call if you have any questions about getting a marriage license on-line. Having an on-line wedding in NYC is super easy. Why wait?

Once you have your valid marriage license, we can do the ceremony via zoom and Voila, Married! We can customize your vows or use a standard NYC City Hall like marriage ceremony. It can be two minutes or twenty minutes! Your choice, your on-line wedding in NYC or New York State!

Get married on-line from the comfort of your own home. You just have to be physically located in New York State. And did we mention that upstate New York is an awesome place for a honeymoon? So, invite as many guests are you want to your Zoom wedding. Let’s pop the champagne and enjoy your special day. No line, no need for social distancing when you are just hanging out at home!

It is super easy to get married on-line these days thanks to the flexibility of New York State and the Project Cupid program of NYC. We are greatly appreciate of Governor Cuomo and his excellent leadership during this difficult time.

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