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About Us

NYC Elopement packages created by us or just build your own NYC elopement package.

What do we do?

NY 1 Minute Weddings makes your special day magical and easy. We plan the New York City wedding you always wanted, just the way you imagine it, only you don’t have to spend your time planning and dealing with the details. We plan weddings for couples from NYC and for couples from all over the world that elope in NYC. We pamper our couples and their guests with attention and provide all the services needed to have an affordable and beautiful wedding. Our wedding planners know the best bridal hair salons, florists, limousine rentals, and of professional wedding photographers. Your NY 1 Minute wedding planner can provide anything else you may need, during this most important time so that all you and your guests need to do is relax and enjoy the celebration.

How we started and about the founder:

The founder of NY1 Minute Weddings, Goran Michael Veljic, has nearly ten years experience working side by side with NY City Hall since they started their renovated marriage program.  He has over 25 years of experience in photography and event planning. He and his team will guide you through completing the necessary marriage paperwork and will plan your beautiful NYC ceremony.  NY1 Minute Weddings is the leader in NYC wedding and elopement packages.

NY 1 Minute Weddings started small but grew quickly as Goran Veljic became a well-recognized face at the NY City Hall, witnessing more than 5 000 weddings, photographing Alec Baldwin, and appearing on the E! Chanel, NBC News, and NY Daily News as well as other media. Unexpected popularity and quality of his work resulted in numerous weddings, allowed us today to do the most wonderful job in the world – help people celebrate their love.

What does NY 1 Minute Weddings stand for?

The name NY1 Minute Weddings came about because we wanted to make it possible for couples to get married easily and quickly – in Central Park, City Hall, Empire State Building, their apartment or even on the street during their lunch break. As the company evolved, now we offer and plan all type of wedding services in our packages, from elaborate weddings to wild wedding adventures. Or affordable and simple is your thing, we can still keep it within your budget and absolutely beautiful.

We Served Amazing Couples in New York

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