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NYC Wedding Photography Packages

We are the most experienced (and fun!) NYC City Hall wedding photographers. Let’s have fun and make your wedding day amazing!

A Wedding Photographer! One of the most important decisions you now have to make is to choose the right wedding photographers. At NY1 minute, we know that wedding photography is a broad subject. This is why we have gathered an experienced team of NYC wedding photographers led by a respected City Hall photographer, Goran Veljic. We have worked on thousands of weddings and our comprehensive knowledge and skills will give you the results you want to see.

Hire a NYC wedding photographer with NY1 Minute Weddings

Looking to hire an NYC wedding photographer? Look no further than NY1 Minute Weddings! We've been providing top-quality wedding photography services since 1993 and our approach is all about you. We believe that your wedding day should be captured in a way that is unique to you, which is why our experienced photographers will work to capture all of the important moments from the best possible angles with minimal intrusion. Our discretion is so seamless that some couples have worried that we bailed out on them, but we promise that we're always there to capture your special day. With our extensive knowledge of the city, we can help you choose the perfect location for your romantic NYC wedding. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding photography packages!

Affordable NYC Wedding Photography Packages

At NY1 minute weddings, we have NYC wedding photography packages that are truly fit for everyone! Our NYC wedding photography packages involve no filler or clutter because we tailor them to your needs. With NY1 weddings, you will avoid complicated and long packages that don’t even tell you what you are really paying for. You only have to contact us and explain your wishes and needs. If you need a limo, we can provide this through our partner companies. Haven’t organized the wedding yet? No problem, our partners also include wedding planners and we can connect you to them. Need a wedding officiant? We got you covered. We can do it all, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need it all. Simply talk to our customer support team and they will create a custom package that covers all your need. Simple as that. You won’t have to pay for the services you don’t need or have us where we are unwanted. The wedding photography prices at NY1 minute weddings are also adjusted to the package we tailor for you. No matter if you want a big wedding or a simple quiet ceremony with your closest friends, we can provide it all for you.
No clutter, no small talk. We are all about giving you professional wedding photography and organization. Talk to us, and you will see why we are the best in New York.

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