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Engagement Photography

Have an Amazing Proposal You Will Remember

An engagement proposal is one of the most special moments we get to share with our significant other. Therefore, you want it all to be perfect, to remember those moments for the rest of your life together. At NY1 Minute Weddings, we have a team of engagement photographers that understand how important engagements are to couples. And so, we work closely with you to provide you with memorable engagement photos. In addition, our engagement photos will let you, your friends and your family, relive your wonderful engagement day for years to come.

One of our many specialties at NY 1 Minute Weddings is capturing amazing engagement photos. Because our goal is to remind couples of their love, they will look at the photos and think of that beautiful, unforgettable once in a lifetime moment. Whenever you look at our engagement photos, you will see the spark you had between the two of you on that day, therefore reminding you of your long lasting connection as a couple. Both you and your loved one will feel a certain warmth when you see how amazing your engagement photos are and it is an investment that every couple should make in themselves.

How we get engagement photo ideas

Our NYC experienced engagement photographers know that there is much more to capturing memorable moments than simply taking good pictures. While considering important factors such as apparel and scenery, our engagement photographers also know that each couple is different and has a unique and special energy between them. We try to get to know our customers the best we can. Therefore, we can truly capture things that matter to you. Your individual features, unique moments, and most of all the way you are with each other. Whether you are a modern or traditionalist, whatever your style may be, our engagement photographers will create engagement photos that you will love. Therefore, at NY 1 Minute Weddings, we will capture the essence of your love as a couple and provide the very best NYC engagement photography to you.

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We see each NYC engagement as a canvas on which we paint art. Most of all, dedication to our clients is something that we truly cherish. We will work closely with you on delivering perfect NYC engagement photos. Our wide experience in NYC engagement photography gives us the knowledge necessary to understand your vision. Therefore, it is our NY 1 Minute wedding promise that we will capture that proposal moment so that you can cherish it for the rest of your lives. NY1 Minute Weddings photographers will communicate with you to deliver unique and beautiful engagement photography. By using different styles, backgrounds, lighting, HQ cameras and editing, you can feel confident that we will provide you with an impressive collection of fantastic NYC engagement photos.

Engagement photographers NYC – reliable and flexible

Need help finding some of the romantic locations to propose in New York? No problem! We are always excited to work on creating your dream NYC proposal. If you want to have a unique intimate proposal at a secluded location, we can organize this for you. If you would like your friends and family to gather around, that can happen too!
Planning an engagement in a short amount of time? Don’t worry! We can organize the entire moment in one day! Because we are adaptable and flexible, we are available at a moment’s notice. We will follow you every step of the way through these exciting moments. Some proposals involve a lot of people, friends and family members. You can do your best to organize the whole event to the smallest detail, but it can be challenging to organize the guests especially when they are affected by emotions and excited to share your special day with you. NY 1 Minute weddings expect the unexpected and can adapt to any situation. Our founder Goran Michael Veljic, was the photographer that captured Alec Baldwin’s paparazzi attack. You can expect the same readiness from all of our NYC engagement photographers. We have worked with many celebrities over the years and we are prepared to do what we need to do to create the perfect photos. Our professionalism is unparalleled and we will make sure that every important moment of your proposal is captured.
Our professionalism, experience and flexibility are something we take pride in. Contact us today and book the best engagement photographers in New York City.

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