How to get married in New York City

How to get married in New York City | NY 1 Minute explains the easy process of how to get married in NYC | Insiders View

How to get married in New York City is a common question for our affordable NYC wedding planners at NY1 Minute.   We strongly encourage you to use our build-your-own elopement or wedding package You can choose to have your wedding at NY City Hall or another location in NYC. A NYC City Hall wedding ceremony actually takes place at 141 Worth Street at the “Office of the City Clerk, Marriage Bureau”.  Locals say “getting married at City Hall” because it is right next to the NYC City Hall in downtown Manhattan.  The marriage bureau has two well-appointed wedding chapels.  All couples regardless of gender or sexuality can get married in NYC.  Learn how to get married in New York City with NY1 Minute in a few easy steps.

First Step for How to Get Married in New York City:  Get Your Marriage License

Get your New York marriage license at the Marriage Bureau at 141 Worth Street during normal business hours M-F 8:30-3:45 p.m.  The two of you must go together, in-person with your valid photo ID’s.  Bring a money order made payable to the City Clerk or credit/debit card to pay the $35 marriage license fee.

Hint: You can actually start the application on-line and then finish it in person to save time.

Help:  If you feel nervous about the process, book our Concierge Service.  We walk you through this process start to finish.  We promise to make your NYC wedding day fun and celebratory.

Important:  You must list all previous marriages.  Provide your former spouse’s name, the date the divorce was granted, and the location where you received the divorce (city, state, and country).  Please have this information on hand in order to get your NY marriage license.