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Thank you for choosing NY1 Minute as your Brooklyn Wedding Photographer!  Brooklyn is a fantastic place to have a wedding and there are so many great wedding venues to chose from.  Our wedding photographers know Brooklyn inside and out and have spent many hours on the streets finding the most beautiful spots for your wedding photography.

The most interesting thing about Brooklyn is the diversity of the city.  This makes for incredible wedding photography.  Because you are working with NY1 Minute, your wedding photos are going to be amazing.  We love taking photos in the rambling and wild green parts of Prospect Park or on the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn Heights.  Red Hook, Brooklyn offers some of the most dramatic backdrops with it’s industrial meets elegant and modern vibe.  Red Hook also has a full view of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  The NYC Water Taxis can take you from point to point and we will get some great photos on the famous piers.  Some of our most favorite photos have been at Coney Island with the Atlantic Ocean and sandy beach as playful scenery.

There is no shortage of amazing restaurants either!   NY1 Minute happily partners with local restaurants that serve fresh, organic food of a variety of cuisines.  Plan a celebration in a backyard or on a rooftop.  Have a dance party in a loft space or a cook-out in the park.  Options abound!  We are so happy that you chose us to be your Brooklyn wedding photographer!  Looking forward to the big day!

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