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City Hall Wedding in New York

NYC City Hall Wedding ceremony

Have a NYC City Hall Wedding Ceremony!

What is it like have a NYC City Hall Wedding Ceremony?  A NYC City wedding ceremony is an exciting and affordable way to have a wedding in NYC.  Planing to get  married in NYC is an fantastic experience, but it can quickly become a budget buster if you don’t plan with people who know the ins and outs of the city. Having your marriage ceremony at the Marriage Bureau of NYC can be a huge money saver.  And it’s a lot of fun! But do not forget so many things changed since NYC Marriage Bureau developed an amazing Project Cupid application to make your marriage ceremony scheduled and with minimum of the waiting time in the City Hall. As a One Stop Elopement Shop, we have also created the ultimate guide to getting married in NYC

A NYC City Hall wedding ceremony is a festive event. Basic, civil ceremony that lasts a few minutes but there are so many good things to get married NYC Marriage Bureau.  Many couples from around the world choose this amazing way to get married in New York because of convenience and tradition and of course affordability.  It is a NYC tradition here!  Many celebrities opt for a NYC City Hall wedding.

A NYC City Hall wedding ceremony allows you to get married during normal business hours M-F.  After checking in, your wedding ceremony takes place in one of the wedding officiants in one of the wedding chapels.  You are allowed to bring limited to up to tree members of your friends and family!

Experience a Memorable NYC Marriage Ceremony and Receive Your Original Certificate Instantly

Getting Married in NYC on Your Chosen Day and Time

How to get Married in NYC If you want a NYC City Hall wedding ceremony but prefer a more private and different location other than Marriage Bureau, we provide a similar ceremony for you.  NY1 Minute specializes in the most popular NYC style weddings that you customize to time, style, and location.  Our NYC Marriage Officiant can personalize the ceremony to what you need and make your Big Day so special and easy as 123.

Furthermore, the best thing about NY1 Minute weddings is that our number one NYC Elopement photographer Michael Goran Veljic witnessed and take a wedding photos of thousands of  wedding ceremonies.  Therefore, we know the process inside and out.   Join many happy clients and have an amazing NYC wedding at a price that you can afford.

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City Hall Marriage ceremony in NYC

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