City Hall wedding in New York


City Hall Wedding in New York means a simple and an elegant marriage ceremony in Marriage Bureau NYC. Keep it simple and have fun!

City Hall Wedding in New York
City Hall Wedding in New York

After they took their marriage license they didn’t have to wait too long to enter the Wedding chapel and say “I do”!

All you need in order to get married in NY City Hall is to provide a marriage license which can be really comfortable by applying online or in person. After you collect the marriage license you can get married exactly after twenty four hours. Don’t forget that somebody have to witness your marriage so even if you are visiting New York only with your loved one, you still have a friend, your wedding photographer Goran can be your wedding witness at the same time.

Having a simple New York City Hall marriage ceremony is even more nice seeing that all the people around you, a marriage officiant and the Marriage Bureau’s employees are really kind and cheerful and what is more important they know how to make your wedding day less stressful and easy.

City Hall wedding in New York really allows you to get married dressed just the way you want! That can be a glamorous wedding gown or you can come to say “I do” in jeans, it all works out as long as you feel good! But carefully picked details make the difference captured by the eye of our wedding photographer Goran. As one of the most experienced photographers regarding New York City Hall weddings, he will guide you through all the steps, from the beginning to collecting your marriage certificate. And he will capture all the important and unforgettable moments of your City Hall wedding in New York!

As we said, it is the best when you keep it nice and simple!

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3 thoughts on “City Hall wedding in New York”

  • Hi
    My partner & myself are coming to nyc in March & would love to get married whilst there. We aren’t looking to hire a photographer as we simply don’t have the budget. We do however require a witness for our ceremony. Is there any help you can give this to us as we are travelling from Scotland & don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity
    Thanks in advance
    Steven Watt

    • Thank you for contacting NY1 Minute, we are specialized in NYC City Hall and Elopement photography. Let me know a few more details about your plan and we will help you.
      NY1 Minute City Hall Wedding photographer Nikola

  • Samantha Richardson says:


    We will be travelling to NYC on 1-8th September from the UK. We would love to get married as cheaply and informally as possible- we are not the romantic types but couldnt resist the chance of doing it all in New York! Would werewuire a marriage license from the uk or do we get it over there? Any help would be appreciated. A photographer and witness would be needed too so if you could send me the cost that would be fantastic!

    Look forward to hearing from you

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