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Getting married in New York_05

Getting married in New York

Getting married in New York was their first and the final choice. It was a wonderful marriage ceremony throughout the whole New York City.

Getting married in New York

They decided to elope and get married in New York City. Came all the way from the UK. They wanted to have a regular marriage ceremony in a New York City Hall but to have fun and meet the city that never sleeps at the same time. After the nice and simple City Hall marriage ceremony our famous elopement photographer Goran took them throughout the whole New York City to capture the beautiful, loving moments of their Wedding day.

First stop was a more than an inspiring Central Park, all in green, overwhelmed with people smiling and having fun. That was a really perfect location for our Elopement photographer Goran to take some amazing wedding photography! But that was not all! Goran took pictures of them on a streets of New York, even Subway train was a right and amusing place to make an elopement photo session. That is something you can do when you are just married and in love!

Getting married in New York is something this couple would gladly recommend to all those in love!

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