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wedding witness in NYC

Zoom Wedding in New York

Getting married with a zoom wedding in New York. Anytime or any place within New York State! Immediate service with a valid marriage license. Call today and we will help you through our easy zoom wedding process.

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NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer Wedding witness

NYC City Hall wedding photographer, Goran Veljic found the NYC city hall marriage bureau purely by chance.  Just two days after the beautiful new marriage facility opened, Goran stumbled upon the historic building while spending the day photographing Manhattan.  Noticing all the brides and…

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Roosevelt Island – The best place to elope NY

Roosevelt Island - The best place to elope in New York

Roosevelt Island – The best place to elope in New York! June the 13th is the Island’s Day so maybe it is a perfect chance for you to visit and meet the diverse community living here at the place also…

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The ease of getting married in NY City Hall

Getting married in NY City Hall

Getting married in NY City Hall is the best way to tie the knot with easiness and comfort. It is also the perfect way for you to have a stress free wedding day and time to enjoy each other. Finding out…

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Elopement in New York – fun and easy!

Elopement in New York

In order to cut all the unnecessary wedding costs, Steven and Sarah decided to have an elopement in New York! After 2 years of long distance relationship Steven, Sarah and her 6 children have started living together in Tunbridge Wells,…

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NYC elopement Wedding

  NYC elopement wedding was their first and the best choice. Steven and Sarah, both coming from Tunbridge Wells, England, decided to get married in New York. It all started with a proposal on a back of a double-decker bus….

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NYC elopement wedding on a budget

NYC elopement wedding

  A NYC elopement wedding was the perfect fit for Steven and Sarah! They decided that eloping in New York City was absolutely the best wedding planning decision they could make in terms of a budget wedding and also a…

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Elopement wedding in NYC with NY1 Minute

Elopement wedding in NYCC_18

Elopement wedding in NYC after four years of dating. More than 4 years of friendship and dating ended with a perfect New York City Hall marriage ceremony! They came all the way from Australia because of the long-awaited elopement wedding…

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City Hall wedding in New York

City Hall Wedding in New York

City Hall Wedding in New York means a simple and an elegant marriage ceremony in Marriage Bureau NYC. Keep it simple and have fun! After they took their marriage license they didn’t have to wait too long to enter the…

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Getting married in New York

Getting married in New York_05

Getting married in New York was their first and the final choice. It was a wonderful marriage ceremony throughout the whole New York City. They decided to elope and get married in New York City. Came all the way from…

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