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NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer Wedding witness

NYC City Hall wedding photographer, Goran Veljic found the NYC city hall marriage bureau purely by chance.  Just two days after the beautiful new marriage facility opened, Goran stumbled upon the historic building while spending the day photographing Manhattan.  Noticing all the brides and grooms (but no photographer!), he quickly realized that an NYC city hall wedding photographer was absolutely needed.  Soon after, he became known as the first NYC city hall wedding photographer.  A fixture at the New York City Hall trusted and respected by the city hall establishment, Goran will be your personal guide to the NYC City Hall wedding experience.  As the most hired NYC City Hall wedding photographer,  he has served as a witness to thousands of weddings and has photographed everyone from celebrities to tourists spontaneously deciding to get married at the NYC City Hall!

If you decide to get married in New York City and plan on going to the City Hall, there is no more experienced person than Goran Veljic to make your wedding day seamless, fun, and easy.   Booking an NYC City Hall all-inclusive elopement or wedding package is the easiest way to get married in NYC.  NY 1 Minute has NYC elopement packages that offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to what you need and accommodate a variety of budgets.  Everything from beautiful photography to serving as your wedding witness, NY 1 Minute has it covered in the all-inclusive NYC city hall elopement packages.

Goran Veljic has photographed over 7,000 weddings in NYC.  Working with Goran will guarantee beautiful wedding pictures no matter what the weather or time of year.  He knows the best NYC locations those perfect NYC wedding photographs.  There is no need to worry about your special day-  with so many weddings under his belt, Goran can navigate every situation rain or shine.

NYC City Hall photographer Goran moved to the US from Europe to fulfill a life-long dream of living in New York City to pursue his passion for photography and art.  He has been a professional photographer since 1993, photographing the world events that took place in the former Yugoslavia.  He now brings that knowledge and experience to the United States along with an eye for beauty and for love.   Goran cherishes the freedom that is given in the United States.  He feels very privileged to have photographed the journey of American marriage and has watched with great respect the changes that have happened.  Inspired by witnessing so many same-sex couples get married, Goran has done several international photography exhibitions to promote human rights and equality.  NYC City Hall wedding photographer, Goran Veljic will bring his deep connection and understanding of the human experience to make your journey memorable and beautiful.  You will always have a friend in New York.

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