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Elope to New York-Grand Central-NYC

Elope to New York – Grand Central. Our NYC elopement photographer is always available to capture your NYC elopement wedding and to provide you the best memories from NYC!


NYC Grand Central Station elopements are always special. If you are planning to get married in New York there are many reasons you should consider Grand Central as your wedding venue. It’s historic, old fashioned, vast, and perfect for your elopement wedding, any time of the year, rain or shine! It’s one of our favorite suggestions within our all inclusive elopement packages!

Here we are going to present you some basic and some not so basic information about this famous NYC place.
Location of the Grand Central Station is at 42nd Street and Park Avenue. It is near some popular attractions, such as: Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Times Square, New York Public Library, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, United Nations.

You should probably want to know some history about the place where you want your elopement to be.
The opening of the current Grand Central Terminal was on February 2, 1913.  Before opening of this building, there were two previous stations: Grand Central Depot and Grand Central Station. Today also a lot of people still call Grand Central Terminal with the name Grand Central Station. And the reason is the previous building.

The main purpose of the previous buildings was to unite all of the rail lines in New York and to have them all under one roof.  From 1903 to 1913, Grand Central Station was systematically destroyed and the current Grand Central Terminal was made as the replacement. Revolution in rail traffic is one of the epithets of this place.  It was different because it was multi-level, electric, and the tracks were below ground.  Grand Central Terminal is among the ten most-visited tourist attractions in the world.

Enough with the past, let us guide you a little through interior of this famous place.
Grand Central Terminal is consisted of 44 platforms for 67 tracks. This place is definitely high above from the average rail stations. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, a bar and very strange, a tennis court. The part of the Grand Central Terminal which is the center of this place is The Main Concourse. Standing there you can see a large number of people running through this space, trying to catch their trains. Some of the things that made The Main Concourse famous are:

The Whispering Gallery– It might look very strange to a casual observer when he sees people who have their faces pressed into the corner of this place. And the reason is the sound that the gallery transmits from corner to corner, so that you can talk with a friend quietly and hear each other as though you were standing close. It’s some kind of architectural anomaly.

The Ceiling– One of the New York City’s most popular pieces of public art. It represents zodiac mural on the wall. The signs and constellations are carefully painted.

The Clock – this clock is infallible symbol of Grand Central Terminal.  The clock has been a long-standing meeting spot for New Yorkers.  Interesting fact about this clock is that it shows different time from the real one. And the difference is 1 minute. That is characteristic of the all clocks on Grand Central terminal. And the reason is because of the people who always hurry to catch their train. Passengers who rush to catch trains, can be very dangerous — to themselves, and to other people.

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Is it possible to wish more than to tie the knot at such a beautiful architectural space?

Knowing the fact it is one of the most known world’s historical landmarks gives really a special note to any elopement wedding captured by our New York wedding photographer. It is glamorous, spacious, elegant! For the decades this unique landmark has been an eternal inspiration for the filmmakers, novelists and for us, NYC elopement photographers.

Your elopement at Grand Central Station in New York is more than easy. Your elopement wedding location is ready any time of the year, rain or shine! You don’t have to worry about the weather forecast or to exhaust yourselves learning some pagan dances, in order to prevent the showers! Weather conditions won’t ruin your special day, because this is a covered location indoor location. Grand Central Station can be a perfect solution too, also if you want to add this location to some other outdoor location for taking photos at. Furthermore, if your wedding photo album is going to stay private, getting married in NYC at Grand Central Station does not require any additional permits or fees. And that’s very important. You can find more information here.

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Perfect an-old-movie-setting for your wedding poses

Our NYC elopement photographer will provide a highly professional wedding photography service for you as well as the high quality of all the wedding photos we make. You will have a perfect an-old-movie-setting for your wedding poses! There are plenty of beautiful spots at Grand Central Station which can bring the diversity into your photos. NY1 minute team can brag with many years of experience in organizing elopements and a lot of satisfied clients from around the world.

One of our clients was this lovely couple from the United Kingdom. Searching for the perfect elopement location for their NYC wedding this beautiful couple from the UK decided to elope to New York. After the marriage ceremony at NY City Hall, our NYC elopement photographer Goran took them to the Grand Central Station. There they together made beautiful wedding photos.

Their love and happiness were more than welcome that day on the streets of New York. And we are happy we could make this NYC Grand Central elopement really unforgettable!

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