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What every bride should consider before elopement?

You slowly begin to hear wedding bells. Your special day is getting closer. There are a little bit of fear and jitters in the air, no matter how long you have planned and organized everything in detail. Excitement is there both because of the day when you marry your soul mate and because you will do something spontaneous and crazy like an elopement in NY.

You have long ago agreed with your dear one for an elopement destination, because one of your common desires has always been to visit this beautiful city that is characterized by fast life, diversity and a large number of inhabitants. You made a detailed search on the internet and found NY1minute, a company which will transform your dreams into reality. In accordance with your capabilities and needs, you have selected an Extravaganza / All-inclusive elopement package that includes:

Officiant, Personal assistance while obtaining your marriage license, Central Park permit fee (If Applicable), Marriage ceremony, NYC Wedding officiant, Marriage certificate delivery, Photographer, 4 hours of professional photography, all high-resolution photos on DVD, All color and light corrected photos, Online photo gallery store, Wedding witness if you need, Bridal Bouquet (color of your choice), Groom’s Buttonhole to match Bridal Bouquet.

When it comes to the very destination in New York where you will elope, you had small doubt.

Somehow you always imagined the Central Park as the center of events in New York, but you instead decided to consult with the NY1minute team in order to suggest you some more popular destinations with not many crowd.

In addition to standard items related to elopement, such as time and location, bride needs to take care of additional details that we will discuss below:

Wedding dress

More and more couples are eloping today. But absence of the big ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t still have perfect wedding look. There are plenty of dresses that are just begging to be worn to a courthouse ceremony or destination wedding.

First and most important is period of year. Weather forecast that depends on the period in which you are getting married. And accordingly, to that, it’s important to know how to dress. Another important item is the location of elopement.

Eloping to the beach? Or the city hall? Or you prefer just an intimate ceremony for you two in some place that you love?  Whatever your last-minute wedding plans, you’ve still got to find the perfect dress.  While it is fine to wear a traditional wedding dress to the county clerk’s office, most eloping brides decide for a more low-maintenance dress for their elopement.

The perfect dress for this occasion should to keep it simple but to make you still feel “bridal.”

If it’s a winter period, it’s advisable to take a jacket or coat, as well as an umbrella, if there is outdoor photography, so there will be no surprises.

wedding dress


When it comes to the hairstyle, you can always find ahead and schedule a hairdresser who will fit your hair style to your liking. Or, you can always be your own master and make a braid or bracelet that will emphasize your spontaneous and at the same time you will have romantic hairstyle. Especially good are the various hairdressing accessories, with which you can invest the least effort in preparing hairstyle and you can again look elegant. Just put one flower and remain your hair released, and you will again have a perfect and simple hairdo for your special day.

Make-up for bride

Make-up is important part of your look, that again depends on weather conditions. If you decide to have elopement in the open location, it is advisable that the makeup is present in minimal quantities due to high temperatures. The situation is similar if it is autumn due to the rain that could ruin your make up. And you certainly don’t want something like that to happen on your special day. When it comes to make-up, in addition to personal taste, brides usually decide to use some neutral tones, and a more natural look. Whatever you decide, whether you make up yourself or hire a professional for that, the most important is that you feel nice. Regardless of makeup, the smile that will adorn your face on your special day is better than the best makeup in the world.


If you are planning an elopement, we will not lie to you, you will walk fairly. And accordingly, you need to choose the right footwear that will provide you with comfort during several hours of photographing and during the ceremony itself. Again, listen to yourself … If you are a lover of high-heeled shoes, wear them, but take a pair of spare shoes, which you can change if needed. Or for that day choose ballet shoes or shoes on the platform, and leave high hills at home.

Bridal bouquet

One of the more important parts of your appearance this day is also the bridal bouquet. If you have opted for NY1minute All-inclusive elopement packages, you will also get the bridal bouquet of your choice.

The flowers most commonly used in bridal bouquet are:

  • Rose– A symbol of beauty and love, the rose is a part of many myths and fairy tales.
  • Tulip– It represents “consuming love” and “happy years,”.
  • Calla Lily– It symbolizes “magnificent beauty” in the language of flowers.
  • Peony– The peony has a large, full head, strong perfume, and bright color.

Wedding Vows

The easiest and at the same time the most difficult part of preparing the elopement. The best advice we can give you is to write vows from your heart. Everything you feel about your loved one, write down. This day deserves the most beautiful and most romantic feelings to be said.

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