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LOVE festival

International Photography Festival Love 2017

International Photography Festival Love 2017 is open for photographers from all over the world

Who and how to be part of photography exhibition?

Photographers from all over the world are welcome to apply online HERE. We accept photos taken by photo camera and with the phone. Our photo contest has one big section Love. Fascinating topic for artists and biggest inspiration for life.

Photography exhibition and panel discussion will be at the RIVAA Gallery

Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association is one of the most active art galleries in NYC, located on Roosevelt Island on Main Street. We will have two events there for our International photography festival; the first one will be the panel discussions on December  2nd. The first group: Developing a Signature Photography Brand at 5 pm to 6 pm, and the second group: Getting More Money From Existing Work will start at 6 pm until 7 pm. A celebration of the art and photography, photo exhibition Love 2017 will start with music, projection awarded photos and talk about the show and reviewing pictures of the best photographers. We are invited our friends and photographers and editors from NY Times, Daily News, Time magazine, art photographers and famous NYC Wedding photographers, PSA and FIAP members, you are all invited and full day event pass is for free.  To participate with your photos just Submit  here.



Why do we need to pay the fee to be part of the exhibition?

That’s a good question, but the answer is very simple. With your $10 fee for Early Birds until October 15th, 2017 or with regular fee $15 until closing date on November 1 st we will just cover some of the expenses that we have. All medals, awards, patronages, jury and other technical expenses will be covered by the fee. We are so thankful to Gallery Rivaa members to be part of our International Photography Festival. If you are interested to be one of our sponsors you will be more than welcome, we will love to have you and promote your business.


10 $ fee for Early Birds UNTIL OCTOBER 15th- You better hurry up!

Where I can find out more about the rules of exhibition?

Very simply, you can see the details of exibition HERE.

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Who are the jury members for photo contest Love?

They are one of the best in the world of photography, very well known worldwide:


Zoran Djordjevic

The president of jury Zoran Djordjevic, well known Serbian photographer. He graduated top of the class from the Press Photography Department of the Yugoslavian Institute of Journalism in Belgrade and then just continue his career in the Yugoslavian national news as a press photographer.
Zoran owns more than 80 international and national awards, including the prestige award from Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with title Master of Photography. The excellence of FIAP, member of Cadre 36 Zagreb Croatia, member of The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, Djordjevic own the Diploma of Anastas Jovanovic and the Award for the best photography of Yugoslavia and Serbia. He wrote 3 books and he is a lawyer by profession.



Kerekes István (1977)

Freelancer photographer. Regular author of Hungarian A Földgömb (Earth Globe) magazine.
In last ten years, Istvan achieved over 1200 awards and prizes in different international and national photo contests and competitions.
Istvan gets  FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art)  EFIAP/diamond2the distinction only 6 artists photographers with this distinction in the World. Since 2009 he takes part regularly in different international and national photo contest and salons like a jury member, or like the president of the jury. With his picture “Yelena” Istvan won over 280 prizes in 41 countries / 6 continents – the unique record results in the history of the Hungarian photography of all time!


International Photography Festival Love 2017 is fully recognized exhibition by famous photography organizations like:


The sponsors of this International Exhibition of Photography have been recognized by PSA, the world’s largest patron of international photographic exhibitions. PSA, is neither a sponsor nor directly involved in the operation of this exhibition.
PSA is a non-profit organization promoting the advancement of photography in all its forms to novice, amateur and professional photographers worldwide.





Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique,  FIAP (Eng. The International Federation of Photographic Art), represent international organization of national associations of photography. There are more than 85 national associations as members, and nearly one million individual photographers.

FIAP was founded by M. Van de Wijer of Belgium in 1946. The first members were the photographic associations from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. In 1947, Denmark, Finland and Hungary joined. The FIAP gives a rare honorary of Master of Photography (MFIAP).
This exhibition is in compliance with FIAP regulations.


The Master of Light Photographic Association is an international organization based in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of this organization is to promote photographic art and craft worldwide, regardless of style, technique or genre.

For a successful participation in exhibitions recognized by the Master of Light Photographic Association, and for continuous support to the development of the organization itself as well as photography as such, individuals may be awarded diplomas, medals and distinctions, based on the fulfilment of requirements defined by the regulations for the award of distinctions or participation in exhibitions under the patronage of the Master of Light Photographic Association.

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