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Zoom Wedding in New York

NY1 Minute weddings offers Zoom Weddings in New York to any couple with a valid marriage license in New York State. The benefit of a zoom wedding is that you can have your wedding anywhere within the state. If you want to keep it very private, we provide an online wedding witness!

Think big, think small. Whatever you want! For example, some of our couples have had zoom weddings in New York on a mountain top or by the beach. Some host a backyard gathering and just dial us in. Some are just hanging out in their living room. It can be as fancy or low key as you want. We have had people on beautiful mountain tops near Lake Placid or by the beach in the Hamptons. Just use the link we provide and we will take it from there.

Here are some helpful links for how to plan the perfect zoom wedding. Check out this Town and Country magazine article for easy ideas for a lovely ceremony.

This couple was planning on getting married in the summer of 2020 but opted for an online ceremony instead with assigned seating! Their guest list expanded and they were able to involve everyone around the world that wanted to share in their special day. Pretty cool!

Everyone is talking about Zoom weddings this summer including Vogue. We understand that the pandemic has caused a major change in plans but we still need to celebrate love. Love in the time of Corona requires creativity.

Having a zoom wedding in New York is easy with NY1 Minute. Book today online or just give us a call. Let’s make it happen.

To start the process of getting your marriage license online in New York State, start here.

We look forward to celebrating your love!

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