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NYC elopement wedding 017

NYC elopement Wedding


NYC elopement wedding

NYC elopement wedding was their first and the best choice. Steven and Sarah, both coming from Tunbridge Wells, England, decided to get married in New York. It all started with a proposal on a back of a double-decker bus. Met on a country walk and soon after that started dating. Actually they had to manage a long distance relationship for some time, since Steven has lived in Brighton, but when in love people have no obstacles.

When they were thinking about getting married, Steven and Sarah wanted to find the way to cut the huge wedding costs but to have fun and time for their selves on the other hand. NYC elopement wedding seemed as a perfect idea, not only as a wedding location but as a perfect honey moon trip as well. NY1 Minute team and our NYC elopement photographer followed them through their wonderful marriage ceremony in a NYC Hall!

Cherry blossom season in the city gave the special atmosphere to this NYC elopement wedding. Happiness and high spirits of this couple made us even more imaginative and we found many interesting scenes which we captured by the eye and a camera.

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