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NYC elopement wedding

NYC elopement wedding on a budget


NYC elopement weddingA NYC elopement wedding was the perfect fit for Steven and Sarah! They decided that eloping in New York City was absolutely the best wedding planning decision they could make in terms of a budget wedding and also a romantic wedding.  Visiting from Tunbridge Wells, England, the romantic pair decided to get married and elope in New York City and have never regretted their decision to chose a NYC elopement wedding.  Naturally fun and spontaneous people (see their amazing wedding pictures) their romance started with a chance meeting on the back of a double-decker bus. They went for their first date in the English countryside and soon after they fell in love.  The dedicated couple maintained a long distance relationship for some time, but one thing we have learned at NY1 Minute is that when people fall in love, love overcomes all obstacles.  We meet people from all of the world who come to New York City against all odds to get married.  Love always seems to find a way to win as it did with this happy couple.

When they were thinking about getting married, Steven and Sarah wanted to find the way to cut and minimize wedding costs and stay within a wedding budget.  But it was  also very important to them to create a unique, romantic, and spontaneous wedding.  A NYC elopement wedding was the perfect way them to get married because New York City is not only the best budget wedding location but the perfect place for a romantic city honeymoon as well.  The NY1 Minute team and our NYC elopement photographer, Goran Veljic  followed them through their wonderful and intimate marriage ceremony in a classic NYC City Hall wedding.

Cherry blossom season in New York City gave a special atmosphere to this NYC elopement wedding. Spring is an amazing time to get married in NYC. The city will captivate you with the magic that only Spring can offer and will offer the best wedding photos.  Happiness and high spirits of this couple made us even more imaginative with the photos that one can only achieve with a New York City elopement wedding experience.

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