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Getting married in NY City Hall

The ease of getting married in NY City Hall

Getting married in NY City Hall is the best way to tie the knot with easiness and comfort. It is also the perfect way for you to have a stress free wedding day and time to enjoy each other.

getting married in NY City Hall

Finding out what’s the best thing that happened in his life – and that’s Teresa, Paul thought of the great idea – getting married in NY City Hall! Teresa Ann and Paul spent six years together. They met each other at work which was a kind of difficulty for everybody, having a relationship and working together. But, they have managed all the obstacles successfully. When Paul found out about his business trip to New York he thought it would be really amazing to finally prove their love and get married in New York. Even all happened very fast they had enough time to organize all the paper work and prepare their selves for The day! They were really surprised by the easiness of all the legal procedures when it’s about wedding organization in New York City. All they had to do was to apply for the marriage license online and pack their wedding clothes.

After 3 weeks since Paul made a proposal our famous elopement photographer Goran captured their marriage ceremony in New York City Hall! The simplicity of the marriage ceremony made their smiles even bigger. That was exactly the wedding they have dreamed about. After they said “I do” they got the marriage certificate right away! It was a perfect wedding day in New York and we wanted to make their photo memories even more special. So, Paul and Teresa Ann struck a pose in a beautiful Wedding garden in front of the New York City Hall.

The ease of getting married in NY City Hall made them finally enjoy each other and their love only! What a perfect wedding day in New York!

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