Eloping New York – City Hall Wedding


Eloping New York – City Hall wedding! Keith and Christine came all the way from Scotland to prove their love and tie the knot in New York.

Eloping New York
Eloping in New York

They had a great and simple marriage ceremony in the New York City Hall where our famous elopement photographer Goran was honored to be their wedding witness. What is more important Keith and Christine were surprised with easiness of getting married in NYC, where you can apply for the marriage license and get married in only twenty four hours. They passed through all the legal procedures without any difficulties and finally got their marriage certificate as a one more prove of their love.

After the marriage ceremony in New York City Hall they wished to make some unforgettable wedding photo memories through out the city. Brooklyn bridge, one of the most visited landmarks, seemed as an amazing wedding photo shooting location where newly weds can make their photographs. Our NY1 Minute wedding photographer Goran showed them all the beautiful spots especially love lock spot on the bridge. Keith and Christine, wanted to put their love lock engraved with their names and date of their marriage on a bridge and to throw a key to the river.

They put a love lock on a Brooklyn Bridge and locked their love always and forever.


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4 thoughts on “Eloping New York – City Hall Wedding”

    • Thank you and congratulations to all, Keith and Christine, family and friends! Best of luck in the future!
      NY1 Minute Team

  • Keith Lees says:

    Hi Goran,
    We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful photographs and for being our witness on our special day, we have now had time to look at the photographs and they are stunning, we are absolutely delighted with them as is all who have seen them, who knows with a bit of luck we may return for our first wedding anniversary and may require some photographs beside our love lock again 🙂
    Sending love and best wishes from Scotland
    Keith & Christine Lees

    • Dear Keith and Christine,
      first of all I’m really honored and happy I could be a wedding witness on your special day!I’m also glad you love the photographs and that they will be a beautiful memento of your special Wedding day in New York City! Wish you the best of luck in the future and we are waiting for you, on your first anniversary to make a toast together!
      Best wishes!
      Goran and NY1 Minute Team

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