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City Hall New York Wedding Ceremony

Getting married involves a lot of planning, decisions, and all of that – ahead of time. Whether you decide to have a big, 200-guest wedding party, or a small, intimate, 1-on-1 City Hall wedding ceremony, there are some things that have to be taken care of first. Obtaining a marriage license, paying a fee ahead of time, and taking care of other formalities, is certainly one of the most important wedding preparations – it may not be the most exciting one, however. When it comes to City Hall wedding ceremonies in New York, they are more formal and serious than the typical wedding parties. Bride and groom sometimes choose a City Hall wedding because it is intimate, does not involve too many people, and really gives meaning and formal feel to the moment. It allows the couple to direct their attention at each other only, without hundreds of eyes watching their every move, and applauding their every kiss. The wedding ceremony really becomes the celebration of two people in love rather than a party. Wedding ceremonies at the New York City’s City Hall are held during the regular business hours. You can come in with your loved one at any time convenient to you, and be married within the few hours. Both bride and groom have to bring the same identification that they have presented when their marriage license was obtained, while their witness has to be an individual older than 18 years of age, and able to present identification as well. The downside of the City Hall marriage is inability to make a reservation for the ceremony in advance; City Hall works on a first-come, first-serve basis with couples, and the typical wait is 1-2 hours. The ceremony itself, however, is very brief, and it lasts only an amazing 1 minute – a minute for whole life. Upon the completion of the ceremony, the now married couple will get a Certificate of Marriage Registration stating the date of the marriage ceremony, the names of both spouses, and noting any changes made in the surname of one or both spouses. For those of you who don’t like waiting, New York City offers variety of other options – you can get married anywhere, at any time, however you want. Whether you decide for Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, or another location in the city that is special to you, our affordable wedding photographer, Goran, will be there to capture your special moment, and to serve as your wedding witness if necessary. We will also provide a licensed wedding officiant to follow you to your desired location and lawfully wed you, committing you to a lifetime of happiness. What will your choice be?

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