Elope to NYC and have an amazing vacation


Elope to NYC and have an amazing vacation!

Why not elope to NYC and have an amazing vacation at the same time.  Destination weddings are all the rage these days.  Have a totally affordable wedding in NYC and a honeymoon all at one time.  Come just the two of you or invite your friends.  We have great ideas for inexpensive places to stay in NYC and free or low-cost wedding venues.

Elope to NYC and have a glamorous but affordable wedding.  From Central Park to the Empire State Building, NYC is the best place to elope and get married.

Elope to NYC and have an amazing vacation

There are many reasons to elope to NYC and have an amazing vacation together.  First of all, it is actually affordable.  Our all-inclusive wedding packages offer affordable services for people coming from around the world to get married in NYC.   Second of all, you save money on your ceremony to use for your vacation.  Third of all,  it’s super fun.  NYC is a city filled with energy and motion.  Therefore, with art galleries, museums, concerts, and a lot of free events, NYC is an affordable place to visit. Finally, it’s romantic.  From Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC is steeped in romance and possibility.

All-inclusive NYC wedding packages!

NY1 Minute offers build-your-own NYC all-inclusive wedding packages.  Therefore, you choose the wedding services that you want and need.  Additionally, we have everything from talented hair stylists to beautiful wedding music.  In just a few easy steps, your NYC wedding is planned.  No hidden costs.  Great communication.  Outstanding value.

Vacation ideas!

Furthermore, as a local NYC business, we provide NYC local knowledge.  Moreover, we know great places to stay, eat, and play in all areas of NYC.  Let’s plan your affordable NYC wedding today.  Finally, congratulations on your wedding and your great decision to get married in NYC.

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