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We have noticed that nowadays many couples choose an interesting location for their wedding, rather than making a big ceremony and celebration which everyone expects them to do. Throughout the years of dating they developed mutual interests and activities that excite them. We hear people wanting to get married in the skies, in the sea, on the top of the mountain even in fast food restaurants – because it means something special to them two. Customization over everything and making the day special for the love birds is now the key to a successful modern wedding.

That’s why few days ago we had a privilege to marry a couple on a helicopter, flying over the NYC. The couple had double the excitement and our wedding officiant and photographer as well! Whether you like the traditional ways or modern – out of the ordinary wedding celebrations, the point is that we are celebrating love and there is nothing negative about any wedding ceremony.

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NY 1 Minute team is happy and excited to cooperate with more people in love, to marry and photograph more crazy location wedding.

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