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Central Park wedding locations bow bridgeMicrowedding in NYC

Dream of having a microwedding in NYC?  The NY Times featured a cool article on a growing trend of microweddings especially in a climate where a wedding could cost up to $80,000 or more.

Now, our clients can have a glamorous and exciting wedding with all the excitement of a big New York City wedding but at a fraction of the cost!  Microweddings are the latest trends in the small wedding world.  It doesn’t running away and not telling your family!  It is just a scaled down version of a traditional wedding, keeping many of the elements of the classic wedding intact.

So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too in New York City.  And you will save money on the beautiful cake because it will be a small and beautiful wedding cake! Splurge on the photography and beautiful wedding gown.  But keep the invitation list to just a few people and the cost savings will be tremendous.  Most the cost of a wedding comes from having a large number of guests.  Having a lot of guests can also be very stressful taking away from the experience.

You can have a microwedding anywhere!  Choose a beautiful small wedding venue or have it at free or low-cost venue like Central Park, Grand Central Station, or a beautiful garden.    After your ceremony, have a wedding dinner at one of New York City’s amazing restaurants.  We are happy to recommend our favorite microwedding restaurants!  Spend your wedding night at a five-star hotel.  And still spend just a fraction of what you would spend on a traditional wedding!

With a microwedding, you will have a beautiful, unique wedding for minimal cost.  Join the many couples who have decided on this money-saving wedding style and let’s plan a wonderful day!


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  • Jennifer Khan-Nowak says:

    I am looking to get married on Nov 17, 2018 in New York. My fiancé and I love architecture so we are looking for advice on the best NYC excellent wedding pictures with NyC skyline and architecture. We like several Central Park pics. We want to keep the costs down. We were going to do City Hall on Nov 15 however that is the only day we can pick up the license and we have another event on Nov 16. We are looking to stay in a hotel the night before the wedding. Please provide some advice and availability. by the way we need a tall photographer since my fiancé is 6.5 tall. I don’t want pics which are shot from the ground up instead of top down.
    Thank you
    Jennifer Khan Nowak

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