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New York – City of Free Love

New York City, as the world’s most famous metropolis, became a city in which opportunities are born, choices appreciated, and personalities built. People are free to speak out loud, express themselves in the most outrageous ways, and work on their talents until they bring them to perfection. Just like that, everyone comes together in this great city, regardless of their faith, religion, sex, and skin color. We are all equal, all intertwined in the most amazing ways, and all ready to share the love across New York City streets that bring us together.

Love is the topic of conversations, billboards, movies and songs. Love is the theme of New York City. And everyone is allowed to love freely, whoever they want, whenever they want, without boundaries. People of all skin colors mix and create a fascinating collage, millions of different colored eyes meet and fall in love, and those eyes don’t recognize religion or ethnicity. All they get to know is the heart of the person they are with, and that is the force that drives them forward. Without boundaries. Without judgments.

Same sex love – why not? In New York City, maybe more than anywhere in the world, same-sex couples feel free to love, to express their feelings towards each other, and are not embarrassed to speak out loud about their choices and let the world hear them. After a long struggle, same-sex couples finally got their rights – to love freely, marry, and live their fairytale happily ever after – without being punished for it.
New York, as the “City of Free Love,” is therefore the perfect place to crown your love with marriage. Anywhere, anyhow, with anyone you want. With a variety of interesting destinations across the city, couples who decide to get married are free to choose the one that matters to them, and make it their own place of happiness and memories. Whether you choose the intersection of the streets at which you met, a park in which you had your first romantic picnic, or a famous tourist attraction, your wish will be granted. You will say “YES” freely, in the City of Love.

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