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Top 10 NYC spots for NYC pics

Why is New York City the best place to take photos?

NYC is probably the most photographed and filmed city in the world. So many movies, all those tourists, hash tags, and couples eloping for their special wedding experience as well as photos! Oh! Let’s see what is so magical about it. Here is our list of top locations to take photos in NYC:



  1. The Bowery Houston Mural – the art is constantly changing but the place remains, as well as the interest in it. When in NYC, stop by this wall in NoHo, you will not regret it.



  1. Brooklyn Bridge – There are couples actually getting married on the bridge! Yes it is that nice and romantic. However for perfect photo session, choose a good time as the bridge can be packed with tourists.



  1. The High Line – always so cheerful and feels like you stepped outside of NYC just for a moment. In High Line Park you can find children playing, businessman rushing, ladies having lunch and cool crowd from The Standard hotel.



  1. South Fairy – what a nice view and how many different landscapes can be photographed here, only God knows.

little cupcake shop


  1. LCB on Prince Street – Little Cupcake Bacery and cute paintings on the wall. To all the love birds, this place is covered with small hearts. Graffiti & romance, is there anything nicer for a wedding pic?



6. Gramercy Park – most people take pictures outside as it is quite hard to go inside this fenced-in private park. It is very special and one of “secrets” of New York, so it is worth having a memory from there.

brooklin hights

  1. Brooklyn Heights Promenade – This promenade has one of the most fascinating NYC Manhattan landscape views, you wouldn’t want to miss.

times sq

  1. Times Square – probably the most filmed place ever. It is packed with lights and tourists, most New Yorkers try to avoid it, but if you need a good photograph, stop by for few minutes. The intense lights, tall buildings and the crowd might absorb your energy but they will contribute to the art of your photograph.

Central Park W summer


  1. Central Park, of course – we do not need to explain, on our web site there is actually a list of places to get married and photographer INSIDE Central Park. It is that beautiful.

smanjena - Copy

10. The last but not least on our list is – the streets of New York. Really, just anywhere in the city is a great place to take a picture. You’ll catch yellow cabs, NYC signs, looking people in the background, skyscrapers and it is all beautiful. We see more and more people wanting to take their wedding pics on the streets of Meatpacking, or SoHo, West Village, near or 7th Avenue in Brooklyn or in Bushwick….the list goes on and on, but the point is that when in NYC you can basically snap a picture wherever you find yourself standing or sitting, and it will be great.



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