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Valentines day in New York City on your way

Valentines, the most romantic holiday we celebrate, is coming on! Even if it’s going to be a nonworking day at New York City Hall, you can still elope to New York and have your marriage ceremony performed by our (New York State registered) marriage officiant. What is more important you can have your own, customized wedding ceremony at any NYC location you like or you dream of!

Is there a better way to spend the day that celebrates love than to tie the knot in New York, the city made of all your dreams? Chocolates and flowers, you should give to your beloved one every day, the special reason is unnecessary, but Valentines can be the day when you are going to share your wedding vows and prove your love!

Our experienced photographer Goran Veljic will capture every moment of your Valentines engagement or wedding ceremony and make your memories unforgettable. NY1 Minute team can provide the full wedding service for you in order to make this holiday special!

Millions of people elope to New York City only to get married on a Valentine Day! You should, too!

What does Valentine’s Day look like in New York?

You would probably think, it is obviously like anywhere else in the world. But we can say for sure that you are very wrong. And if you continue reading this text you will discover the reasons for that.

New York-City of many love stories from movies and book

One of most important reasons is that New York is one of the most interesting locations for many movie producers and book authors. Great artists recognize the romantic note of this city. New York offers them a great location for many famous romances about which stories were made. Filmmakers have been drawn to the streets of New York City since the earliest days of cinema.
Some of movies that were filmed in New York City are:

Saturday Night Fever (With John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney)

Two lovers (Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow)

Frankie & Johnny (Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer)

Breakfast at Tiffany (Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard)

And so many more famous movies

Romantic places which New York City offers to visitors

There are tons of beautiful romantic locations in New York where you can take your partner.

We will give you some ideas about romantic surprise which you can make for your loved one in this city. After your elopement, you can visit the most romantic building in New York- Empire State Building and take some photos there also. Don’t forget to take a look at the special lighting effects in honor of Valentines Day at the top of the building will be decorated with red and pink lightings.

Or if you are fan of art, you can visit some of the famous New York museums. One of them is The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). It offers an original perspective of love through paintings and art pieces every Valentines day. There are also special romantic private tours for couples especially on this holiday which celebrate love. Beside MoMa you can also visit the Rose Center for Earth and Space (part of the American Museum of Natural History). Every year there is a special event during Valentines day.

For chocolate fans only

You or your loved one are a big fan of chocolate maybe? We know the best place for you to spend this day as a couple. And that place is Li-Lac Chocolates, a famous chocolate company and Manhattans Oldest Chocolate House. Here you can find a great choice of Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts. You will not be able to decide between giant chocolate Hearts, Truffle Hearts, Boyfriend Hearts, Kiddie Hearts, Valentine Pails, Heart Pops, Strawberry Hearts, and so many more ways to say, ‘I Love You’ with chocolate.

If you don’t want to organize everything about your elopement, you can let us set everything for you. Take a look at:
Elope in New York. The easiest way to get married and have fun.

Love is in the air everywhere you look around

You can choose to see the city from above with one of New York City’s marvelous Helicopter tours. If you decide to reserve this kind of tour you can enjoy in the views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Columbia University, Yankee Stadium, the George Washington Bridge, and the Financial Center. There are also special customized tours of the city as well as night tours. For an engagement event, reserve a private tour to ask the big question while are you both in the air. Make your Valentines day simply magical and unforgettable.

Romance under the stars

There is nothing more romantic then imaging yourself with your partner, lying under the full sky of beautiful stars. Anything better than that is the moment when one of you two catch the falling star and make a wish. If you can’t find a right place for stargazing outside you can always attend something like this

Past year American Museum of Natural History offered a special Valentines edition of their fun event, named, Romance Under the Stars.

So, if you are interested, go straight to the Hayden Planetarium with your partner to enjoy under the stars with special musical performances. What’s not to love about that idea?

The spirit of NY Valentines Day

You cannot deny that New York offers a special atmosphere for all the loving couples. Whether they are freshly in love or that they have been together for years. All the hustle and bustle of New York on this particular day is calming down a bit, providing everyone moments of enjoying the most beautiful thing in the world-love.

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