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Virtual Marriage Ceremony in New York

Virtual Marriage Ceremony in New York! Yes, NY1 Minute is happy to offer virtual marriage ceremonies via zoom at any time or place. You just need to have a valid marriage license and be located somewhere within in the state of New York. You can have an online marriage ceremony that is affordable and very easy.

Dream of getting married by Lake Placid or somewhere by yourselves in a beautiful setting? Hire NY1 Minute to do your online ceremony. We will even provide a witness so it is truly a private experience for you. Or, invite as many people are you want via Zoom.

The pandemic has been difficult for many people but we have also had to become creative in the way we live our lives. One of the benefits is increasing online activities such as having an online wedding.

Our “Virtual Marriage Ceremony New York” is exactly that. You and your partner get married online with our officiant as long as you are in the great state of New York! It is super easy to have an online marriage ceremony because you get to skip the line and don’t have to worry about social distancing.

To get you started, here is the link to apply for an online marriage license.

Once you have your marriage license, book your online marriage ceremony. We know weddings and elopements like no other company in NYC. We love what we do and are happy you found us!

virtual marriage ceremony in new york

Thanks to everyone for continuing to be strong. Love in the time of COVID!

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