World’s best tennis player got married


Novak Djoković got married right after winning on Wimbledon tournament 2014, 

which made him world’s number one tennis player on ATP list, once again.


Novak and Jelena Djoković


Only a few days after he got the Wimbledon trophy, Novak flew to Montenegro where he married his high school

sweetheart, Jelena Ristić, and to make things even more exciting, his (now) wife is currently six months pregnant.

The celebration lasted for 5 days, since the guests arrived to the beautiful small half-island of Sveti (Saint) Stefan on

July 8th. The wedding ceremony was held July 10th and the religious Orthodox-Christian church wedding was held

on Sunday, July 12. The couple looks happier than ever and we love seeing them together.


Sv Stefan

Wedding location – the half island of Saint Stefan, in Montenegro

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