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Elopement locations in New York!

What is your dream wedding location? Build your all-inclusive wedding package today!

Planning a City Hall Wedding in NYC with NY 1 Minute

One of the best things about a City Hall-style wedding is that you have the flexibility to choose any location in New York City that’s meaningful to you instead only at City Hall.  Whether you want to tie the knot…

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Plan your NYC Small Wedding

Plan your nyc small wedding

With NY1 Minute Small Wedding Planning Service, plan your NYC small wedding and stay in budget. We specialize in helping people plan small and affordable weddings in New York City.  We understand that costs can easily balloon for people during the wedding planning process and when vendors hear the word “wedding”, their costs often soar.   All of a sudden, a $100 dinner price is $200.

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New York City Hall Wedding Photographer

New York City Hall Wedding Photographer Goran Veljic is well-known around town as the “New York City Hall Wedding Photographer“.   Before founding NY 1 Minute Weddings, Goran was at New York City Hall as an on-site wedding photographer helping couples…

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NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer Wedding witness

NYC City Hall wedding photographer, Goran Veljic found the NYC city hall marriage bureau purely by chance.  Just two days after the beautiful new marriage facility opened, Goran stumbled upon the historic building while spending the day photographing Manhattan.  Noticing all the brides and…

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