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City Hall Weddings

City Hall Weddings – show your love in NY!

City Hall weddings are perfect occasion to prove your love in New York!

City Hall weddings are famous for a reason.  Taking place in downtown New York just around the corner from the magnificent Brooklyn bridge, you can get married in true New York style with a NYC city hall wedding.  At NY 1 Minute, we provide you with the support and guidance that you need to make your city hall wedding seamless, romantic, and most importantly fun.  Join the festive atmosphere, with other couples from all over the world, and take your place in marriage history.  Book an elopement package with NY 1 Minute and have your wedding ceremony at New York City Hall where our experienced NYC wedding photographer Goran Veljic is waiting to capture every moment.   City Hall weddings are available Monday-Friday from 8:30-4 p.m.  If you want to keep your wedding small and intimate, our photographers can serve as your wedding witness as well maintaining the privacy and surprise that comes with elopement.  After the ceremony, NY 1 Minute will take you to the most romantic and classic places for wedding photography.  If the hours of a city hall wedding do not work for you and you would prefer an evening wedding or a weekend wedding, the team at NY 1 Minute can provide the exact same fast and efficient service that city hall provides but in a location and time of your choice.  Book your elopement package for a NY City Hall wedding today!

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