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Getting Married in NYC

Getting married in new york city!

What’s more exciting than getting married in New York City!  At NY1 Minute, we give you exactly what you need to have your dream wedding in New York City!  From flowers to photography, we make it easier than you can ever imagine!  Select one of our elopement packages or customize your wedding with a few clicks.  Start planning today and thank you for choosing us!

When you book NY1 minute elopement and wedding services, we will take care of everything.  If you need help figuring out a place to stay or have questions about transportation, we provide the best customer service in the industry.  If you need help getting your marriage license, we provide a concierge service.

First of All, New York City is just a fantastic place for weddings because well…it’s NYC!

Big or small, there is a wedding style for everyone.  Elopement is a trendy and affordable way of getting married in NYC.  You can make it anything you want.  Some people opt for a theme elopement, a surprise wedding at a dinner party, or a wedding at a park.  Because we witnessed thousands of weddings, we have ideas for everyone and love to get creative.  Therefore, we are proud of our ability to personalize a wedding ceremony just for you and really work to make your wedding dream happen.

Second of all, the amazing scenery of NYC is your wedding background.

What is cooler than the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening, a Central Park sunset, or the boardwalk on Coney Island.  From playful to romantic, there is literally something for every couple here.

Third of all, the beauty of getting married in NYC is it’s simplicity.

  1. Book NY1Minute Wedding services

  2. Get Marriage License

  3. Show up to your wedding ceremony!

We take care of the rest!

Above all, we are committed to excellent service, flexibility, affordability, and fun.  We look forward to seeing you in NYC!


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