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Goran’s Guide to Getting Married at NYC City Hall

Goran’s Guide to Getting Married at NYC City Hall will answer all of your questions and make your wedding day stress free!   We have provided the most common questions asked of NY1 Minute about getting married at NYC City Hall.


Getting married in NYC City Hal

Do we need at wedding witness at NYC City Hall?

Goran:  Yes, you need a witness to get married at NYC City Hall.  Your NY1 Minute photographer will happily be your wedding witness free of charge just in case you do not have a witness and it’s just the two of you.  I have been a wedding witness to thousands of couples from all over the world at NYC City Hall.
Goran:  In my many years of photographing weddings at NYC City Hall, I have seen everything from high-end designer wedding gowns, traditional clothing from around the world, shorts and t-shirts, to formal dress wear.  Consider what might look best in photographs and what feels comfortable.  Check the weather as NYC weather can be quite variable during the year.  NY1 Minute is there rain or shine.  Umbrella photos are some of our favorites!

What does an NY1 Minute wedding photographer wear to an NYC City Hall wedding ceremony?

Goran:  Looking at our best on the job is important to us.  You’ll likely see us at City Hall in a nice sports jacket and a button-down shirt.  If you would like us to wear something more formal or more casual, just let us know!

What are the most important things to bring to my NYC City Hall wedding ceremony?

Goran: You absolutely need to bring the original marriage license that you previously obtained at the NYC City Hall marriage bureau.  You must bring a valid ID for each of you.  NYC City Hall does not accept cash.  You must bring a credit card, debit card, or money order from a bank.  That’s pretty much it!  Easy as 1-2-3.  An NYC City Hall ceremony is an affordable way to a wedding on a budget.

Are we able to take photographs outside of NYC City Hall before and after our marriage ceremony?

Goran:  Yes, there are great places just outside of the entrance of NYC City Hall to take great NYC wedding photographs.  We can take photos on the front steps of the City Hall and inside the marriage bureau.  NY 1 Minute can capture the moment you arrive at NYC City Hall to the moment that you say “I Do”.   We will take photographs during the entire ceremony.  After the ceremony, we can take additional photographs in the wedding garden with the scene of NYC behind you.

How can I book NY 1 Minute for my NYC City Hall wedding ceremony?

Goran:  Everything in a New York minute around here.  You can book us easily online with a 20 percent deposit and pay the rest on your wedding day.  Just select the services that you need and we will at NYC City Hall waiting for you!  Join many of our happy clients and enjoy your big day and still stay in your budget!

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Goran:  Yes, we are some of the first NYC wedding photographers to photograph same-sex weddings in NYC.  The process is the same for all couples.  Same-sex couples will feel very welcomed and comfortable at NYC City Hall.

Do you do photograph last-minute weddings at NYC City Hall?

Goran:  Of course! The best way is to book NY 1 Minute is in advance but if this is a last-minute decision, we will be there.  Just book our services or give NY 1 Minute a call.  At NY1 Minute, we understand that not everything can be planned and are ready to meet you at NYC City Hall to capture the moment.

Are we allowed to bring friends and family to our NYC City Hall wedding ceremony?

Goran:  Your friends and family are welcome to join you at your NYC City Hall wedding ceremony.  There are two spacious wedding chapels where you will gather to have your civil ceremony.   We love families and groups and enjoy photographing happy guests!  Our services are affordable and accessible to everyone.

When and how will we receive our NYC City Hall wedding photos?

Goran:  You will receive your white-balanced and color-corrected wedding photographs about one to two weeks after your ceremony.  NY 1 Minute will provide a link from which you can easily download all of your photos and print without a watermark. You can also order a USB drive from us that will contain your photographs.

How many photographs will we get from a 1-hour NYC City Hall ceremony service?

Goran:  On average, we take about 80 photographs/hour.  Our photographers are some of the most experienced in the NYC wedding industry and will be sure to capture all the important moments of your NYC City Hall ceremony.  We offer great services at very affordable rates.

How can we order printed photographs or a wedding album?

Goran:  You will have a link that will allow you to order print and albums.    Our partner printing company creates extremely high-quality prints that can be mailed directly to you.

How can we have our pictures photoshopped or retouched?

Goran: For an additional fee, we provide very experienced and high-quality photoshop services if you are looking for magazine quality or artistic-style photographs.  There is an option when you book us to select more photoshop services with more or less depending on your budget.

Are you available to meet us at our hotel before our NYC City Hall wedding ceremony?

Goran:  At NY 1 Minute, we love to capture the moment a couple is leaving the hotel.  Please book additional hours to allow for enough time to take photographs and travel to NYC City Hall.  We usually recommend booking our three-hour photography service.

Can you meet us at  NYC City Hall to obtain a marriage license?

Goran:  Yes, of course!  NY 1 Minute provides concierge marriage license services.  We will meet you at NYC City Hall when you are applying for your marriage license and guide y0u through the process.  This is especially useful for out-of-town or international visitors.  There is an option to select this service when booking NY1 Minute.

Can we schedule the ceremony time at NYC City Hall?

Goran:  It is first-come, first-served and NYC City Hall does not permit advance scheduling.  The least crowded time is earlier in the week and in the morning.  Sometimes, the waiting time can be quite long at NYC City Hall and the wedding ceremony hours are limited to M-F 8:45-4 p.m.  In case you are short of time or would like to have your ceremony in the evening or on the weekend, we offer full wedding ceremony services.  NY1 Minute has wedding officiants that can provide an official ceremony at a location of your choice.  It is a great way to have a beautiful, affordable wedding at your dream location all within your budget.

We are international visitors and need the Extended Form for after the ceremony.  We don’t want to spend the time getting the form.  Can you fill out the form for us?

Goran:  Yes, NY1 Minute provides this service to our international visitors so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.  We will obtain the form for you and deliver it to your hotel so that you can enjoy NYC after your ceremony.  Just select this service when booking NY 1 Minute.

Can we take photographs around New York City after our NYC City Hall Ceremony?

Goran:  Yes, absolutely!  We know the very best locations for beautiful NYC wedding photography.   It would be our pleasure to do an extended photography session with you.  It is absolutely worth the time and money to do photographs at classic NYC locations. Yes, that would be an amazing NYC city hall wedding on a budget.

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