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Small Wedding New York City

Small Wedding New York City

The words “Small Wedding New York City”- seem to be somewhat contradictory.  When people think NYC, they often think BIG and they often think expensive.  But it is actually quite possible to have a small wedding in New York City on a budget without compromising on romance or quality.

Yes, you might need to limit the number of guests and skip a few of the bells and whistles, but in the end, you can have a romantic and gorgeous small wedding.   NY1 Minute is happy to share the secrets of some of our happy couples who had delightful small weddings and stayed on budget.

Use an all-inclusive elopement package

Just because you use an “elopement package” doesn’t mean you can’t invite guests.  NY 1 Minute is happy to help you build an affordable all-inclusive wedding package.  We find a venue, make the reservation, reserve the ceremony location, and help manage the guests.  We even bring the flowers, musicians, and wedding stylists.  When you use an all-inclusive package, you save money letting us to do the coordinating and negotiating on your behalf.   You can build-your-own package and save money by selecting only the services that you need.

Keep the guest count in control

By limiting the number of guests, you can stay in your budget and have a beautiful, small NYC wedding.  We understand that it can be difficult to manage the guest list but encourage couples to be thoughtful about it.  Some couples will have just an elopement with a few friends and family and then hold a bigger party on a later date.   This reduces the financial pressure of finding a wedding venue that can accommodate a larger party and really saves on costs.

Have your small wedding ceremony at a low-cost or free venue:

Believe it or not, you can have a wedding ceremony at Central Park for a minimal fee of less than $100! Yes, you can have gorgeous Central Park wedding photography and a romantic personalized wedding in Central Park for a very small amount of money.   NY1 Minute has done hundreds of Central Park weddings in beautiful locations throughout Central Park.  Rain or shine, it is always a beautiful time.  There is nothing quite like a Central Park wedding ceremony and it’s just amazing that it is so affordable.

We are happy to talk to more about how to have an affordable and small wedding in NYC.  We promise beautiful wedding photography, amazing energy, and the very best in customer service.  See you on your big day and thank you for choosing NY1 Minute Weddings!

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