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New to the Big Apple 5 Tips to Get Settled in NYC

So, you are moving to the Big Apple? You will become a proud citizen of the city that never sleeps and join over eight and a half million people who have the same fever. The city truly does offer a lot of options for career advancement and an entertaining social life, but there is one thing you should take into account  you could easily get lost in its charms if you don’t create some guidelines for yourself.

Let’s start with the basics, because checking them first will provide you with a stress-free experience not so many people go through when moving to this incredibly popular city. A lot of people out there dream about moving to NYC and creating a life for themselves that will resemble a TV show, but the secret is in not allowing that dream to turn into a real-life nightmare.


Find an Apartment in Advance

We’ve all had that strong desire to simply get in our car and drive away into the unknown. Sure, the thrill of leaving everything behind you is amazing, but it is also probably the worst thing you can do when moving to NYC. The city is truly huge and, if you have no one there, you won’t be able to manage, especially if you’ve never lived in a city this big.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but going to the Big Apple without knowing where you are going to live isn’t an adventure  a good way to end up homeless. It’s quite necessary to do your homework, browse through helpful websites and find a place that suits your needs and your budget.



Master the Subway System

I am sure that an image of you getting a Yellow Cab by raising your hand and yelling Taxi pops up in your mind when you are trying to picture what kind of life you would have in NYC. Well, that’s a perfectly realistic image if money isn’t your concern  but if that were the case, I don’t think you will reading this article, right?

NYC is expensive, especially for newcomers who don’t know how to get around, which is I’ll  need to use the subway system. It’s quite efficient once you master it and that’s something you should learn from the natives. Besides, riding the subway is a lot more entertaining than using cabs to move around. I am sure you’ve heard all about the various adventures people have had on the subway and it’s time to start having your own. It definitely is a big part of being a true New Yorker.


Walk around and Explore

I am sure you’ve heard that NYC’s streets can be scary, whether it’s from Hollywood movies and TV shows or from someone who used to live there. Well, it’s normal to have a fear of what we don’t know, which is why you should get right on it  get to know the streets! No, I am not suggesting that you walk to unknown destinations in the middle of the night, because that’s not recommended anywhere, let alone a city this big.

However, clearing your daily schedule so that you can check out some of those famous destinations should be on the top of your checklist. My suggestion is to start with Manhattan, because it is easy to get to and it is filled with celebrities, so I am sure you will find the whole experience quite entertaining.

One more thing it is easy to get lost in NYC, no matter how good you are at navigation, and you shouldn’t take that personally at all. The second you find yourself unsure about where you are, ask some locals to help you out. You should know that New Yorkers find their time to be very precious, so you should be very precise with your questions.


Find Cheap Food Markets

If you have no or little experience in the kitchen, you should start with that. Living on fast food is unhealthy for you and for your pocket, and you should get rid of that habit before even getting to NYC. If you consider yourself clumsy with knives, taking a cooking class for beginners should be your first step. Then you should check out grocery stores that fit your needs we are looking for something inexpensive and healthy, right? New Yorkers are crazy about their food and there are a lot different solutions when it comes to nutrition there  you should take your time to get to know them all.


Meet New People

The people in New York lead very hectic lives, and although it seems like they do not have enough time to be social, it’s quite the contrary. There is one simple fact you should be aware of  a city that big can be very lonely.

I know it is scary starting all over and finding new friends, but you should get over it as soon as possible and meet new people. It may seem hard, but it is like that with everything else in the Big Apple  you just need to know where to look.

I already mentioned that you should consider taking up a cooking class because of your health and overall costs, but this is also a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun. One of the first things you should do when you move here is join groups that share your interests  feeling accepted is an important part of being happy with where you live, and sharing your hobby or volunteering is a great way to accomplish that.
There is no room for failure if you follow these guidelines. A city like this can be intimidating and it can make you feel agoraphobic, but even if that happens, you shouldn’t give in. Make your time in NYC count by doing everything you wanted to do in the first place and it won’t matter if you end up staying there for a couple of months, a couple of years or for the rest of your life. Welcome!

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