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Popping the Question How to Prepare the Perfect Proposal

There comes a time in a our lives when we decide to take a big step in our relationship. Popping the question can sometimes be quite stressful, as the sole act carries a great amount of weight. You want to make the entire thing perfect and you want to leave your partner speechless as go down on one knee. But, when you think about it, with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can truly make the proposal something that is going to be remembered forever by your partner. There are a few things that you should think about.

Start researching

We all have a creativity block from time to time, and to get the creative juices flowing, the right step you could take is to look for some ideas out there and see how other people organized their proposals. However, keep in mind that you should definitely avoid copying someone else’s proposal; simply use fine examples to get a few new ideas that could work.

Take a look at your photos


Usually, many people experience numerous different adventures together, and this is why it might be a good idea to take out that dusty album and take a look at all the beautiful moments you have captured together. Roaming through these photos is going to remind you of the numerous breathtaking moments the two of you have experienced, which might give you an idea or two.

You might want to recreate something from your past, something important. Taking a trip down memory lane is the perfect way of getting your creative juices flowing. You will end up with numerous unique ideas and you will know that your beloved partner will love all of them.

Prepare things in time

You should probably avoid leaving the whole ring purchasing process for the last minute before the proposal. Simply acknowledge what type of jewelry your partner likes and consult your family. This is going to give you the perfect idea of what the ideal ring for the occasion should be like. Then, go out, start your search and find the ring that your partner is going to love.

You should do this at least a month before the proposal, so make sure that you are going to have the perfect hiding spot for this specific piece of jewelry. You wouldn’t want to be discovered now, would you?

Do some scouting

Picking the perfect setting is a process that you should have figured out by now. The best way to do this is to go out and visualize the surroundings. There are numerous beautiful places that you could pick, and it all depends on the type of person your significant other is. Think about all the beautiful moments you’ve spent together. Finding the right place is not going to be such a hard task.

Some cool ideas are, of course, a beach, or a park in the middle of New York, or a fine restaurant, or a beautiful boat ride. There are literally a million options when it comes to picking the right setting, so do some scouting for a while, until you find a place that is perfect for the proposal you are planning.

Include a photographer


Without a doubt, this moment is going to be very memorable. However, hiring a professional photographer is an important part of it. You shouldn’t count on amateurs, as there are a lot of problems that can occur and ruin the one chance you have of capturing that perfect moment on film. Professional photographers simply have much more experience with these things and they will capture this lovely moment perfectly.

By doing this, you are going to have one of your most significant life events captured and in your photo album. Not only will the photos be perfectly timed, but you and your significant other are going to look absolutely amazing as well.

The only thing that you should let your photographer know is that he or she should capture the whole event secretly. This bit of information will enable the photographer to plan out the approach to capture the most beautiful photos discreetly.

The theme should be something you both share

You know your partner best. When you are scouting for a location, you should also think about what type of theme could be incorporated in the event. You can rely on specific colors for the surroundings, or you can choose lovely background music that you both enjoy. There are simply a lot of options; the only important thing is that the theme you pick needs to be related to something only the two of you share. This will make the whole ceremony look much better and it will also engrave it in both your hearts forever.

Always keep the ring with you

Okay! When you purchase the ring, you don’t have to keep it on you at all times. It is literally pointless to have it with you for several weeks. Having the ring on you throughout the day this early on can get you in trouble, as your partner can easily find it. However, as the big date approaches, you should definitely keep the ring with you at all times. This will keep you from making that fatal mistake of starting the proposal without having an actual ring with you.

Let your friends and family join in

If you want to create a truly remarkable proposal, you could also include your friends and family in the occasion. You can involve all of them in creating an incredible surprise. On the other hand, you can have family members and friends nearby. They can come out once they hear I do. This is a wonderful moment that you should definitely share with those who are closest to you.

These are the main things you should be thinking about when planning a proposal. Take your time… Proposals are very important occasions, so make sure that you put in a lot of effort. Your loved one is going to deeply appreciate it.

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