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Portrait of Goran, an experienced NYC wedding photographer, capturing cherished moments with skill and artistry.

NYC Photographer

NYC photographer is very important. Your wedding day is a day to remember, and it is crucial to have a great photographer to capture all the important moments of your Big Day. Your beautiful cake will be eaten, flowers will dry out, your gown will only be worn that one day – but you will always remember these beautiful things if you capture them with a detailed eye of a camera. Your wedding day will become one of your happiest memories and you will want to save it from disappearing. Our photographers, who will capture the most beautiful moments from your wedding day, come from the fashion industry and have vast experience in journalistic photography; photo-journalism style, street style, and others, while they also work as photographers in the City Hall. These photos will stay forever, and their quality and captured moments will one day be treasured. You will be able to show them to your friends, children, grandchildren… If necessary, our photographers can also serve as your wedding witnesses in an instance of choosing New York as a wedding destination and not having your friends with you, but they are also available for booking on a short notice, as last minute photographers.

Goran Veljic - NYC Photographer

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