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NYC wedding locations

You want to elope to New York to get married? Just do it.

Happy couple inside New York City Hall, celebrating their elopement and marriage in the heart of NYC.

Each of you two has some kind of picture of your wedding in your head. The best thing to do is for just the two of you to sit and talk about that special day. There are a lot of…

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Which celebrity couples got engaged in 2016?

This blog post will be something a little bit different from the previous ones. And what’s the main reason? The main reason is the review of celebrities which decided to tie the knot this spring or summer. There is a…

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Roosevelt Island – The best place to elope NY

Roosevelt Island - The best place to elope in New York

Roosevelt Island – The best place to elope in New York! June the 13th is the Island’s Day so maybe it is a perfect chance for you to visit and meet the diverse community living here at the place also…

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Elope in NYC in the winter

Elope to NYC

Elope in NYC in the winter! Visiting from Germany, this beautiful couple chose to elope in NYC in the winter and had the ultimate winter fairytale wedding!

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They chose to elope to NYC

They chose to elope to NYC and have a fairytale wedding! Marriage ceremony can be fun in a cold and snowy city. All you need is an imagination that our NY1 Minute NYC elopement photographer can be proud of!

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Get married in Times Square!

Get married in Times Square

Jack and Ivory from UK always wished to get married in Times Square! From the very beginning NY1 Minute has been supporting marriage equality. More than that, our famous NYC photographer Goran Veljic, was among the first photographers who witnessed…

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Eloping in New York

Eloping in New York

Eloping in New York can be fun and romantic at the same time! This beautiful couple eloped to New York City from Spain. Their idea and their dream was to get married and have a wonderful trip they won’t forget at…

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Valentines 2015 – Celebrate your love in NY!

Valentines 2015

Valentines 2015, the most romantic holiday we celebrate, is coming on Saturday! Even if it’s going to be a nonworking day at New York City Hall, you can still elope to New York and have your marriage ceremony performed by…

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