You want to elope to New York to get married? Just do it.


Each of you two has some kind of picture of your wedding in your head.

The best thing to do is just a two of you to sit and to talk about that special day.
There are a lot of reasons why couples want to elope – the main is usually to save some money. Some of them prefer spontaneous and romantic wedding without a crowd. And there are people who decide that because this is their second or third marriage.

Loved ones may not agree with your decision to elope.

You are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​an intimate wedding with your loved one. But your family doesn’t share your joy. Certain members of the family will be disappointed or angry because they could not attend your ceremony. You must be prepared in advance that not everyone will agree with your decision. The best thing is to inform you and your partner’s parents about your intentions. Doing that you will not surprise them.

You gotta find a way to involve family members or friends in your event. You can show them pictures from your elopement firstly or organize a small gathering after the elopement-a just with them. If you make an agreement with your partner, you can invite your and your partner’s parents to your elopement.

Organizing a traditional wedding ceremony requires your complete commitment and time.

Besides that, it is not a secret that you are going to spend a lot of money. Each couple is a story in itself. A lot of them decide to organize wedding celebrations with many guests. Many of them even hire wedding planner to get everything perfectly organized in order not to have to be bothered with details. Or they do not have too much time to devote themselves to the wedding planning.

Again, on the other hand, there are couples who believe that the celebration with many guests is too much for their budget, or simply they don’t like the crowds and all the pressure that wedding ceremony entails. Elopement offers spontaneity and carefree. You only need to pack yourself, book tickets to the wedding location and contact people involved in elopement weddings.

Official wedding ceremony VS Elopement?

Pick your favorite destination and just do it. Make your dream elopement.

First thing you have to do is to get a marriage license in NYC. You can do that in NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau. You have two ways of doing that. You can apply online on the web site of NYC City Hall (you, either way, have to pick up your marriage license in-person together with your partner even if you applied on­line) or you can go together in-person, straight in NYC City Hall Marriage Bureau to apply and to pick up your marriage license. If you go straight there, bring your partner, your valid IDs, and payment in the form credit card or money order for $35. NOTE: If you have been previously married, you need proof of your divorce. We should mention also that there is no need for an appointment.

After receiving your marriage license and waiting 24 hours, you can get married to your beloved at the NYC City Hall or anywhere in New York. It is important to have a registered New York State wedding officiant. We arrange for a location wedding with a wedding officiant and also with a wedding witness if you don’t have one. If you are out of ideas, we will help you there, too. NY 1 Minute weddings team have a bunch of ideas about your unique NYC marriage ceremony.

If you want a more detailed guide through NYC elopement, see this.

Elopement, when you look at the true meaning of the word, means escape.

However, when referring to the wedding it is about organizing a small wedding ceremony attended by the bride and groom, witness and a wedding officiant. Bride and groom can also invite a small number of people (close family or friends) to attend the wedding. What is interesting about the elopement is that can be arranged in any location, it is only necessary to have a marriage license, the person who is going to marry you- wedding officiant and a witness who is going to participate.

Maybe the first thing that’s on your mind when someone mention elopement in Las Vegas.

But you should know that nowadays, Las Vegas is not the only destination for this kind of weddings.

The modern form of elopement brings popularity to a large number of locations throughout the world. It all depends on the wishes and possibilities of the couple, as well as the legal regulations of the country in which the marriage will take place. Some of the most popular destinations in the world for elopement are certainly Hawaii, Boba Bora, Scotland, Costa Rica, New York, Florida, Florence( Italy)…

Either you want an outside elopement or you prefer to be inside, it’s important to check weather conditions for that day.

You shouldn’t be afraid if there is a possibility of sudden rain. Look that from the brighter side. If you have your elopement in Central Park, there are not going to be crowd as usual and that’s better for you. Our team won’t hurry you, in case of rain, we will all wait as long as it takes to stop. Or there are always wonderful covered sites as Bethesda Terrace and Ladies Pavilion, on which you can be photographed while it’s raining.

New York proved to be the right destination for elopement.

Couples are a thrill and with plenty of things, this magical city can offer them. Some of the most famous elopement sites beside Central Park are Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, City Hall, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center…

If you want to take a peek at a Roosevelt Island elopement look this.

The main thing for NY1minute is the satisfaction of couples that have chosen us for organizing their special day.

What characterizes NY 1 Minute weddings? Very affordable all-inclusive NYC elopement packages, simple and carefree romantic wedding ceremonies.

Our NY1 minute team is there to take care of everything. We are going to give you your dream wedding in New York City.  Tell us how you imagine your dream wedding and we are going to turn it into reality.  Getting married in New York City has never been simpler than with NY 1 Minute Weddings.

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