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10 Reasons To Have a Wedding Video

You are planning a budget-friendly NYC wedding and you are not sure if a wedding video is a thing for you.
Many couples consider having a wedding video as something luxurious. and today it’s cool to keep it simple and minimalistic but, many of them also regret not having a video of their wedding today.
Before you make a final decision about how you want to store your precious memories take a look at our 10 reasons to have a wedding video.
We hope this will make you check out your wedding budget list again and put a wedding videographer as one of your priorities.

1. Wedding video could be less expensive than you think


Wedding videographers have different offers and price packages to suit your needs and requirements.
If a wedding filmmaker who was a winner of wedding video awards doesn’t suit your budget that doesn’t mean that you should say no to wedding video at all.
Take your time to get to know artists that could suit your sensibility and your budget. You would surprise how affordable and talented videographers can make a wonder of your wedding day celebration.
At NY1minute you can build-your-own wedding packages that include wedding videographers and still make your budget list affordable. 

  2. Recording a wedding video is recording our feelings 

The reason why we collect pictures and videos are our emotions. Those emotional moments have their duration and video can save them from the begging till the end. 
Think about those faces of dear people when you enter at your wedding ceremony, look that you and your partner share before you enter the new chapter of your lives.
At the end of the day, the least important thing will be what color was your bridesmaid’s dress.


3. Video can do more than a photo 

You are thinking, photos do the same job, but the truth is even good photography provides you a limited memory.
We express our emotions through our body language and facial features which is not easy to capture in a single photograph.
Good wedding photographers can capture the essence of your emotion in one photo, but let’s be honest, for the full experience video is a better choice.

4. You don’t have time to observe on your wedding day 

You will pay attention to some last-minute details and you will miss a lot of moments that you want to remember.
You will ask everyone: “How it was?”
Everything you will hear will be a short and polite description from other people and that isn’t enough.
To satisfy your curiosities, you’ll need to see it with your own eyes.


Video gives you that privilege to be guest on your own wedding over and over again, any time you want- You will just need to press that play button!


5. It’s nice to see your wedding trough someone else’s eyes  

While you are busy organizing or having fun there is someone who is collecting precious moments behind you that you’ll want to see later.
Another perspective is not their only privilege.  Those are the eyes of professionals.
They know all the tricks, where to look and what to record. 

  6. Interesting things are always happening in the background 

Our memories are fading and in that video material, you will always see something new. Once is going to be some emotional embrace, another time it will be a funny situation in the background. 
Truth is that we can’t save all the details from that day but if you hire a videographer you are closer to accomplish that.

7. Wedding films today are not what they used to be 20 years ago 


Wedding videos today are about you.

Try to find wedding videographers that can recognize your sensibility and make your wedding video as you wanted.
Having an idea about how your wedding video should look is very helpful. Be more precise about your wishes and you’ll have better chances of making them come true.
Think about it as one of the creative challenges. Imagine your perfect wedding video! What do you see? Think about what kind of message you want to send, how your love story should be represented.
You need to know what you want and say it out loud!


8. It’s ok if hiring a wedding videographer is your last-minute decision                                                                     

 If you already change your mind and you think you don’t have time to hire a wedding videographer don’t worry! 
Check out NY 1 Minute references and service packages. Make your own price package and our team will respond to your demands fast and effectively. The last-minute decision doesn’t mean you’ll need to sacrifice any aspect of your perfect wedding.  and let us prove to you that. 

    9. It’s a great way to share memories from your elopement 


Choosing an elopement wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t include your closest one.
You’ve decided already that the wedding will be all about you two, but still, you want to share emotional moments with your people. You don’t have to choose between those things if you have a video that you can watch and discuss with them.

  10. Hiring a wedding videographer has all characteristics of good investment 

It will last forever. You can share it with your younger siblings. Investing in your memory can’t be a bad decision. It’s your only ticket for traveling trough time.
You’ll need to make choices at the end of the day. But make sure not to sacrifice the emotional parts of your wedding day. Those small gestures, smiles, and embraces are worth keeping in memory for generations.
We would be happy to make your wishes come true. Than you for choosing NY1 Minute Weddings!

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