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small wedding in nyc

Plan your NYC Small Wedding

Plan your nyc small wedding

With NY1 Minute Small Wedding Planning Service, plan your NYC small wedding and stay in budget. We specialize in helping people plan small and affordable weddings in New York City.  We understand that costs can easily balloon for people during the wedding planning process and when vendors hear the word “wedding”, their costs often soar.   All of a sudden, a $100 dinner price is $200.

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10 Reasons To Have a Wedding Video

You are planning a budget-friendly NYC wedding and you are not sure if a wedding video is a thing for you. Many couples consider having a wedding video as something luxurious. and today it’s cool to keep it simple and…

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Have a budget-friendly wedding in My Kitchen, Queens!

NYC Elopement restaurant my kitchen

You’ve always dreamed of eloping in New York City, but you’re looking for someplace more subdued, affordable, or just plain different than those famous and iconic NYC wedding locations. Maybe you’re a Brooklyn or Manhattan local who has never experienced the diverse, international…

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How to have a small wedding in NYC

how to have a small wedding in nyc

How to have a small wedding in NYC! A lot of couples wonder how to have a small wedding in NYC.  We are talking about the type of wedding that involves parents, siblings, and close friends.  Many couples in this…

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